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If you ask any CNC manufacturing manufacturer what metal material is easy to machine, they will say aluminum.During the CNC machine aluminum process. CNC machine aluminum is a very stable material, so you can cut a lot and still keep the residual stress in check. Using carbide tools and modern coolants, you'll get a great finish that can be sandblasted or anodized for a consistent aesthetic and additional corrosion resistance.

CNC machine aluminum

In fact, CNC machine aluminum is such a good base material, there are also many alloys available, All of these different properties and meet to your needs.
They aluminum materials are divided into nine different series, and each series is numbered with a thousand, such as the 6000 series. And then you divide it by a number. In general, the closer the number of CNC machine aluminum grades are, the more similar they are, so 5082 and 5083 are almost identical. The different series always helpful to our CNC machine aluminum to meet all customer’s requirements.

As for corrosion resistance, aluminum is also a good choice. The metal and its alloys have an ideal affinity for oxygen -- overly reactive metals like magnesium oxidize easily, while less reactive metals, like rust, form loose oxide layers on steel.

Instead, when aluminum is exposed, it forms an alumina passivation layer that seals the surface and prevents further oxidation and erosion. This layer will "heal itself" even if scratched, so the material may not need painting or finishing, saving you manufacturing costs.You can enhance this natural resistance by anodizing. So this is why CNC machine aluminum is very popular in our CNC machine market.

CNC machine aluminum

Some of the CNC machine aluminum parts are as follows:

The front panel  Pin needle  EMI-Housings  Spline shaft  Medical equipment
Lighting lamps and lanterns

We can cnc machine aluminum by follow processes:

The workpiece rotates while the single-point tool remains stationary. In CNC turning operations, it moves along the axis. The workpiece is discharged to remove the material.
In cnc machine aluminum, milling operations are common. The multipoint cut rotates along its axis. The artifact remains in an ideal state during these operations.
Material removal is achieved by cutting action through feed motion combined with the cutter. Therefore, it uses many axes to accomplish this motion.
Drilling a hole in a workpiece is called drilling. A multi-point rotary tool of a particular size that drills a hole in a straight line perpendicular to the surface.
In end turning or end milling, the workpiece surface forms a flat cross-sectional area.

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