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Precision Metal Cutting We Offer

What's rough CNC?

CNC roughing products refer to products made from simple or primary machining of raw materials, such as precision metal cutting. Generally for semi-finishing and finishing preparation, so that the subsequent processing process is faster and more convenient. Rough CNC products are characterized by low machining accuracy and poor surface quality.

What is precision Metal Cutting?

Rough CNC does not have high requirements on the surface quality after machining. Generally, it is to prepare for semi-finishing and finishing. Because the rough CNC allowance is large, the processing speed is high, and the heat generated by the machining is also large, so the processing Tool requirements are relatively high. Generally, alloy materials with high hardness are used as tool materials.

What is precision Metal Cutting?

Cutting is a common way in rough CNC. We can cut all the materials into any length or shape we want. After that, we start other machining or turning processes.


Laser cutting we also have


Laser cutting is a cost-effective method of precision metal cutting. It is very different from other forms of cutting machines, the main difference being that the laser does not come into contact with the metal being cut. Instead, a high-energy powered beam of light cuts the metal via an automated program, thus, precision metal cutting.

What is precision Metal Cutting?

Laser cutting can be used in various thicknesses of material and is ideal for carbon and stainless steel. Furthermore, it can produce more complex designs and shapes and trim materials to an exact specification far better than a typical punch press.

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3d wire bending machine we have

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