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Best Precision Technology Co., Ltd is a professional custom precision metal parts manufacturer and supplier, focusing on manufacturing, design, sales, assembly and service. With over 10 years of development and improvement, we achieve to open our second factory branch(DONGGUAN DEJILONG PRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD).

Equipped with advanced, high efficiency, and high standard Japan and Taiwan brand machines, including kinds of CNC milling machines and turning machines, lathe machines, milling machines, surface grinder, internal and plain grinder, WEDMLS, WEDMHS, etc. Relevant inspection equipment is also fully equipped. 

We Can support tolerance of ±0.002mm parts. Professional provide high-precision turning parts, rivets fasteners, inserts to communications accessories, furniture accessories, sports equipment, auto parts, optical instruments, lighting accessories, medical equipment etc.

Best Precision is able to make the type of plastic moulds ranging from basic open-shut to complex designs including:

  • Custom plastic injection moulds
  • Multi-cavity moulds
  • High precision moulds
  • Insert moulds
  • Two-shot moulds
  • Unscrewing moulds
  • Gas-assisted moulds
  • Die casting moulds
  • Prototype mould and low cycle moulds
  • Gas assist moulding
  • Elastomeric moulding
  • IML & IMD
  • Thin wall mould
  • High-temperature mould
  • Foam injection mould

With the continuous development of the enterprise, at present, we have developed into a mold manufacturing factory of 6,000 square meters with 150 employees.

Our goal at Best Precision is to "bring our customers the highest quality tooling and excellent service in the shortest delivery time and the Best possible price".

We always pay 100% attention to carefully study the customer's project and Select the best way to design and manufacture the moulds, to ensure that all the products produced ,We also can help our customers ultimately obtain the maximum profit and market share.

We truly want to be a part of your success, working side by side with you, sharing your goals and we can help you achieve them.

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No. 39, Shayuan Road, Shabu Village, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

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