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What does Surface Finishing Entail?

What Is Surface Finishing

Surface finishing refers to a process used to alter a metal’s surface through addition, removal, or reshaping. The surface finishing's main aim is to protect the metal and improve its aesthetic value.

Majorly, the result depends on the metal's finishing method. For example, metal finishing involving coat paint can be through anodizing, powder coating, or wet painting. The results tend to look similar with the different surface finishing methods.

What Is Surface Finishing

Metal products are all over. Some are shiny while others are matte, some metallic, others colored. These surface appearances of a metal depend solely on its surface finishing.

We Offer Finishing Services

At Best Precision Company, we design, manufacture, and do surface finishing for your metal. We provide a range of finishing services that include:

What Is Surface Finishing

- Anodizing (including hard anodizing, black/blue/silver anodizing)

- Silver, Gold, Nickel, Zinc, or Chrome Plating

- Chemical Conversion Coating

- Teflon Coating

- Hardening

- Passivation

- Black Oxide

- Powder Coating

- Painting

What Is Surface Finishing


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