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How Does Precision Forging Technique Work?

What is precision forging?

Forging is a metal shaping technique using compression or localized forces. Since the ancient Mesopotamians, precision forging has been a staple metal fabrication technique. Basing its origin in Fertile Crescent, forging has significantly evolved, resulting in a more efficient, faster, and durable process. We perform precision forging using presses or hammering tools powered by electricity, hydraulics, or compressed air. Some of the common materials for forging are carbon steel, alloy steel, micro-alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium.

Our precision forging services

The pounding action of forging deforms and shapes the metal, resulting in unbroken grain flow. This causes the metal to retain its strength.

The Ancillary effects of this unique grain flow include the product's elimination of defects, inclusions, and porosity.  In addition, forging is advantageous due to the relatively low costs and moderate and durable to the test of time. Upon creation of the forging tools, products get manufactured at a relatively high speed with minimal downtime.

Our precision forging services

Our precision forging services

We are a comprehensive forging solution provider committed to excellence in everything we do. We are ISO 9001, and TS16949 certified. Our forgings range from a fraction of a pound up to 350 lbs. We do multiple grades and other metal types, depending on the end-use. We can also forge carbon and its alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and titanium. Moreover, other additional services included, allowing us to stay competitive and satisfactory to our customers.

Our precision forging services

Our engineering team at precision forging utilizes various computer modeling techniques with the latest technological capabilities and extensive physical testing. We offer our partners a dependable link in their supply chain by constantly focusing on quality, short lead times, and competitive pricing.  No matter how complex it is, all forgings, you can trust it with our customer service and expert engineering team.

Our precision forging services

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