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What's laser engraving and how does it work?

Laser engraving is a process of evaporating material into the smoke to sculpt permanent, deep marks. Like a chisel, the laser beam cuts the mark by removing layers of the material surface. The laser hits the local area with a huge energy level, generating the high heat needed for vaporization.

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Once the basic laser engraving methods are understood, a job or layout must be developed.The basic concepts of typography are the same for manual engraving systems as for computer engraving systems.In both cases, some planning is required for the final appearance of the layout. In computerized design, the operator, with the help of software, uses graphics or fonts to help achieve the final appearance. The first step in the computer sculpting process is to create or obtain personal design elements for your work or layout. The elements you add to your carving software (company logo, production date, creative border, etc.) can affect the look of your work and can add a lot of appeals.

We offer laser engraving and etching service

Choose Laser Engraving or Laser Etching ?

Laser engraving technology is commonly used to sculpt metal workpieces that will be exposed to various wear or surface treatments. Metal engravings are made from steel and aluminum, including anodized aluminum and die-cast aluminum.

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The most striking feature of this process is its ability to sculpt 2D code, which remains highly readable after post-processing. These treatments include shot blasting, electronic spraying, and heat treatment to solve the most complex traceability problems.

We offer laser engraving and etching service

But if etching does not require the most corrosion-resistant label, laser etching is usually preferred because it is a high-speed method that does not rely too much on ablation. You can laser etch a wider variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, anodized alumina, lead, magnesium and zinc.

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