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Metal casting is an old method of making objects into empty shapes. The shapes are then allowed to cool and harden into the desired components. It is the least expensive method of manufacturing pieces of molds. But there are many casting metals manufacturers can choose from. They range from slush casting to pressure casting to precision investment casting.

precision investment casting

Investment casting is thus the most popular method because it is low cost, has no quantity limitations. It allows you to cast any mold irrespective of the design. Also, you are free to manufacture as many units as you want because the cost of production is the same and does not depend on the number of units produced.

Precision investment casting is the oldest method for casting metals into different shapes using ceramic or wax, which serves as the mold. It is a multistep process used to produce near-net-shape. But the efficiency of investment casting depends on many factors ranging from size and complexity. Continue reading to see the advantages of precision investment casting.

Unlimited Designs

Precision investment casting uses multiple manufacturing processes to develop the final product. So, it is ideal for complex parts. This is why you will always have quality products with excellent finer details. It is therefore suitable for manufacturing complex parts.  Also, there is no limitation on the castings and design since you have plenty of tools to choose from. Typically, the shape is formed after pouring the metallic liquid into the spruce. It then cools and solidifies into the desired shape. Therefore, there is no limitation on the designs to make.

Competitive Manufacturing

The cost of manufacturing components using precision investment casting consists of the unit and tooling costs. But the cost is competitive compared to the cost of forging because of the different metal forming methods that are deployed.  Therefore the cost of forging is likely to be higher due to the material used, but it is likely to be cheaper in the long run.

Excellent Surface Finish

The investment casting process is precise, so the final surfaces are superior and may not require any other surface finishing to be done, as is the case in forging and sand casting.

Achieves Net Shape

Investment casting is precise and needs very little machine allowance. So you don’t need to do a lot of machine jobs, meaning that you will achieve near net shape product compared to other methods.

Casting Defects Are Less

Precision casting is clean and produces quality products with almost no casting defects. It provides reliable process control and results in fewer rejection defects. The final product goes through quality checks to ensure no defects.

No Limitation On The Number Of Products

Precision Investment casting allows one to produce components on a large or small scale. So unlike forging, which depends on the labor and tools deployed, casting allows you to manufacture hundreds or thousands of pieces at the same cost per unit.

precision investment casting


Precision investment is thus becoming popular since it allows you to have unlimited designs, gives you excellent finish, and has very few casting defects.  

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