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The cnc gun milling is precise enough to ensure even 0.003 inches of engraving

CNC milling gun makes its way as the leading method to engrave modern guns with design and innovation. It is important hence to engrave the firearm serial numbers on the frame of a gun as the order gets issuance from ATF. However, one should engrave it in a way that no one could remove it. If we talk about the depth of engraving of serial number that is essential, we eventually look for it as 0.0003 inches. Similarly, the print size should not be smaller than 1/16 inches.

cnc gun milling

Furthermore, when it comes to the other markings such as logo, model, country, and manufacture, so their depth should also be not less than 0.0003 inches. It, consequently, is true that no two guns can have the same serial number. Therefore, licensed gun manufacturers need to track every gun that they are producing. This makes markings important.

What Is a CNC Gun?

The guns that manufacturers produce by the process of milling are famous as CNC milling gun. In this process, the CNC milling machine is in wide use. It eventually removes some of the metal parts and thereby incorporates the firearm serial numbers on gun parts with great depth. As a result, the CNC gun thereby comes out as a product. In addition to this, everything happens through CNC milling machines in this process. The engineers only have to do some of the important settings. The manufacturer consequently doesn’t have to tell the machines that which part you are putting in it. It will detect the part by itself. For a more detailed view visit here

Gun Marking Techniques

Let’s discuss some of the most beneficial gun markings techniques.

Laser Marking Guns:

Who will not be familiar with the technique of laser? I think, no one. Laser machines can produce high-quality markings on guns. But there is one downside of this technique which is depth. The required depth ordered by ATF is 0.0003 inches. But this depth can cross the limits of the laser. In this way, manufacturers don’t get the desired results. Overall, it is good to utilize the laser marking gun technique if you don’t care about the downside of this technique.

Roll Marking Guns:

We are here with another technique that is famous; the roll marking gun technique. With the help of this technique, one can achieve the desired depth. Also, it can produce decent-quality markings on the gun. Isn’t it incredible? Yeah, it is. One will get the desired quality. And this is what every manufacturer and client want. This process is a little bit difficult but interesting as well. In this process, the round die along with sharp alphanumeric characters is in wide use.

The manufacturers roll it on the gun. In this way, the serial number gets a pressing on the gun. As a result, the metal is faces squeezing and displacing and eventually, an impression comes out. If we talk about the downside of this technique, so marks are not clean and clear. The reason behind this is the edges contain the particles of metal that we have squeezed and displaced. But overall, this method is good.

Using A High-Speed Milling Machine for Engraving:

This is last but one of the most effective techniques ever. So, let’s dig into its details. The high-speed milling machine technology is famous to produce more effective results. With the help of it, you can achieve an engraving depth of 0.0005 inches. Isn’t it incredible? Yeah, it is. If the orders of ATF will become strict in the future, then you will be able to fulfill the requirements with the help of this technique.

cnc gun milling

Marking the serial number on a gun with the help of this technique can produce clean and clear edges with great depth. In this way, you can satisfy the ATF. If you want to have decent-quality gun engraving, then you can also exceed the limits of ATF. There are a lot of machining centers that are providing these services. They offer you high-quality engraving in a short period. Not only this but you will also get the services of part tracking and recording. What else do you want? I think this is more than enough. For all of this, you should be thankful to CNC milling that gives the best results.

What Is the Process of Cnc Milling Gun Engraving?

If we talk about the process of CNC milling gun engraving, then it’s quite easy. Because everything is possible by machine. How’s that? Just wow. So, let’s have an eye on it.

  • First of all, operators enter the part into a machine. Then, the machine detects this part automatically. After that, the machine progresses towards the surface variance.
  • In the next step, the machine control selects the program. Then it compensates for the surface variance in the machining of data.
  • Now, it comes to the engraving of markings. The logos, serial numbers, and everything else machine engrave on the gun frame in this way. All of this happens with great accuracy.
  • If we talk about the depth, so it is maintained even in the rounded surfaces. Don’t you think, this is more than enough? Yeah, it is.
  • Before removing the gun parts, the machine again checks the presence of a serial number on it. Also, we check the depth regularly. In this way, we can assure the quality of CNC milling gun So, you should go for it.
  • In the database, the production of parts gets tracking and recording. Isn’t it amazing? Yeah, it is.

What Are the Benefits of Cnc Milling?

If we talk about the benefits, so they are uncountable. Let’s discuss a few of them.

  • It can form high-quality engraving in a very short period
  • The depth is beyond the requirements of ATF which is the most amazing thing about it. Isn’t it? Yeah, it is. In the future, you will get a lot of benefits from this. Because there is a chance that the requirements of ATF may get stricter in case of depth.
  • In CNC milling, the process is quite easy. Thanks to CNC milling machines because they do everything by themselves.

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