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Looking for a reliable, quick-turn supplier of CNC machined plastic and metal products? Our unrivaled in-house capacity, which includes hundreds of CNC machines, ensures that your components are dispatched on time, every time. At Best Precision Co, our ISO9001 and TS16949 certified CNC machining facilities are designed for both rapid prototyping and low or high volume production of end-use components.

CNC machined products

What are the kinds of CNC machined products?

CNC machining is a broad word that encompasses a wide range of machining applications.  CNC stands for Computer Numerical Controlled and refers to the machine's programmable characteristic, which allows it to do a variety of tasks with minimal human intervention. CNC machining is the process of fabricating a component with the aid of a computer-controlled machine. The phrase refers to a variety of subtractive manufacturing procedures that involve removing material from a stock workpiece, or bar, in order to create a final component part. There are five different types of CNC machines that can conduct the five basic types of CNC machining.

  1. – CNC Lathes and Turning Machines
  2. – CNC Milling Machines
  3. – CNC Laser Machines
  4. – CNC Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM)
  5. – CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

These procedures are employed in a variety of industries, including medical, aerospace, industrial, oil and gas, hydraulics, and weapons, among others. Metal, polymers, glass, composites, and wood are among the materials that can be CNC machined.

CNC machining has a number of advantages over machining that isn't CNC programmable. Reduced cycle times, faster finishes, and the ability to execute numerous features at once can all help to enhance quality and consistency. It is well suited to medium and high-volume applications requiring accuracy and complexity.

How Much Does CNC Machining Expertise Matter?

It requires more than a machine to produce a quality part on a manufacturing production floor with CNC machines.

Behind the technology, it takes a responsive team that runs tests and works relentlessly to certify materials and processes.

Decades of CNC Experience in Your Corner

At Best Precision Co, our services are backed by more than the largest fleet of machines in North America.

We have nearly sixteen years in the industry and a team of engineers ready to assist with every step of your project.

Responsive and Fast

Years of CNC machining experience have made us one of the most responsive and quick CNC machine operators in the industry.

Whatever your project's criteria are, we won't stop until they're reached.

Our Advantages in CNC machined products

There are a lot of CNC machining service companies out there. Why should you choose us? Here are the top 3 reasons:

1. Experience

Our engineers have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience from a variety of past projects, allowing them to handle difficult and precise parts in a variety of industries with ease.

2. Advanced Equipment

Best Precision Co has extensive in-house equipment for both manufacturing and testing. Your parts will be manufactured and inspected with our advanced in-house equipment, including a 4/5 axis CNC machining center, CNC turning machine, 7 axes turning-milling machine, automatic turning machine, no-core grinding machine, etc.

3. Fast Turnaround

On average we return quotes within 48 hours, parts ship within 25 days or less, and we have a 99% on-time delivery and quality rate.

How does CNC machining work?

How CNC Precision Engineering Enhances Quality And Performance

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