CNC Parts Online: Things New CNC Machine Users Need to Know


CNC Parts Online; Guide To Begin With CNC Machining

CNC parts online have given a whole new meaning to the fabrication of finished products. The CNC technique provides the highest accuracy finished products, a quality that no other fabrication technique offers. Its precision makes it popular, and nowadays, every industry employs CNC fabrication techniques to acquire accuracy in their products. However, if you are a new CNC user, you must know all the basics of CNC parts online. Some certain tricks and tips can help you ace your manufacturing requirements.

This article discusses some of the CNC machining basics and describes what CNC is and how it works. Where the CNC finds extensive use and what makes it so popular. This article also discusses the things new users must know and how they can excel in the fabrication field.

CNC parts online

CNC Machining

CNC machining is one of the most effective fabricating techniques to manufacture finished products. It works on subtractive manufacturing technique and works by removing the material to fabricate the workpiece, unlike injection moulding and 3D printing that needs additional material. The machine works by rotating the spindle on a high speed typically 1000s of RPM and removes the material with accuracy and perfection. CNC machining finds extensive use in petrochemical industries, medical facilities, military and defence sector. The things that make the CNC machining superior over the rest is its highest accuracy and precise results.

Applications Of CNC Parts Online

CNC machining can fabricate every domestic and industrial product. It finds tremendous demand in industries like medical, automotive and aerospace, and defence and military sector.  These industries require products with highest precision and accuracy. Any defect in any component can result in extended life and property damage. Therefore, these industries employ CNC techniques as CNC promises accuracy in its fabricated products. Every industry uses different CNC machining techniques according to their requirement. The materials that one industry employs differ from other industry as per its unique and distinctive needs.

How A CNC Machine Fabricates CNC parts online?

CNC machines work on cam/cad model. The client provides a computer-aided design which describes the geometry of the customized part. The computer-aided manufacturing or the cam converts the cad design into NC-codes, understood by CNC machines. The most popular of the NC-code is the g-code which controls the CNC operations. The cam does not operate directly but instructs the device about its function. The g-code tells the CNC machines its movement, rotation speed and thus, fabricates the CNC parts.

The CNC machine extensively distributes itself in two categories; 3-axes and the 5-axes CNC machines. 3-axes CNC machine allows cutter movement in three linear axes while a 5-axes CNC machine provides an action in two additional axes. 5-axis delivers the highest accuracy and convenience, but the operation is costly. Therefore, 3-axis is the most popular and commonly used machines.

Things Novice CNC Machine Users Need To Know

If you are new into CNC machining and have just started using CNC machines, you must equip yourself with all the CNC basics. To make customized parts and cutting tools, you need to follow some tips to perform your tasks successfully. CNC machining is an easy and convenient method to fabricate finished CNC parts and cut tools to desired size and shape. But one needs to have a strong command on the basics of CNC machining techniques. Since we have discussed all the necessary terminologies above, let us jump to the things that can make your process more effective and perfect.

The Appropriate Cutter Size

The most vital key to achieving safe and successful results, to begin with, CNC machining, is to buy cutters carefully. The proper size for beginners can be 1/2", 1/4", or 3/16". These size limits can be the right choice of sizes as smaller than these are not easy and safe for use at the initial level. Therefore, It would be best if you make yourself an expert in more extensive cutting tools. Only them you can jump to more delicate cutting tools.

CNC parts online

CNC Machine Accessories

The main accessories you need to begin with include a vice, clamping kit, and parallels. A vice is a compact and precise tool that holds your job piece or workpiece in a fixed position. This fixture of your piece allows you to cut the pieces with accuracy and convenience. To mount your vice, you need to have a clamping tool to have a fixed and flat structure to perform your job. Lastly, you need a set of parallels. Parallels allow the elevation of vice and are always parallel to the floor and vice. This flat and parallel set of tools will enable you to achieve a flat piece with the same thickness along each side.

Manual Data Input Mode

CNC works on MDI or manual data input mode code. It would be best if you learned all the techniques and codes to acquire an efficient operation. It would help if you learned some of the most important and frequently used g-codes to understand the operation better. Start with working only in 2 axes and then move to the third one. It would be best to keep practising until your machine starts moving only in the directions you want.

Tramming Mill And Vise

Before you start any operation, make sure your mill is even and flat on every side. For this purpose, machine operators stone the mills and vice to eliminate any uneven surfaces. The operators then use rust preventing sprays. Make sure you tram your vice and mill every time to align your workpiece and attain accuracy in operation. 

The Right Selection Of Material

Start learning with first getting your hands-on on brass, aluminium, and non-plastic materials. It is very convenient and easy to use wood. You can prototype your workpiece using wood, so even if things do not work well, you might not waste material. Once you become expert with soft materials, shift onto mild steel. Once you become an expert in dealing with these materials and cut out everything without causing damage to the material, you can proceed with the tougher ones.

CAM/CAD Learning

Now you know some tips to begin with the operation, you must equip yourself with CAM/CAD basics. The CAM software carry the design information your client provides. CAD converts the requirement into machine signals and tells the CNC machine what speed, and movement it should work to acquire accuracy and convenience. One must have enough information about this robust CNC software so that the operation never goes wrong.


Safety is a general concern in your work environment. As you have just started using CNC, you must equip yourself with a safety tool-kit. Primary tools include glasses to protect eyes, a pair of strong and durable gloves, and a dress that fits you well. Loose clothing can make things worse if they get hooked in any matching part. Moreover, the small pieces of metals lying on floors can hurt the workers and clients. Therefore, one must take precautionary measures to build a safe environment and operation.


To sum up, CNC parts available online have made life more comfortable and convenient. The CNC machines fabricate finished products with higher accuracy and precision. This attribute of the CNC machining technique makes them superior to other manufacturing techniques like injection moulding or 3D printing. CNC works by removing metal and therefore requires a careful operation. The tips in this article will you if you are new into CNC machining. All these tricks will make you understand the CNC techniques and will make things easier for you.

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