Is CNC Cutting Service Essential?

What's laser cutting and its application?

At Best Precision laser cutting company, we use cutters to create patterns and designs by cutting into materials. A powerful laser beam is the source that melts, burns, or vaporizes the material.

Essentially, Precision laser cutting is a fabrication process that uses a thin, focused laser beam to cut and etch materials into custom designs, patterns, and shapes as specified by a designer. This non-contact, thermal-based fabrication process is ideal for several materials, including wood, glass, paper, metal, plastic, and gemstone. It's also capable of producing intricate parts without needing a custom-designed tool.

One of the most common applications is CNC cutting metal – tungsten, steel, aluminum, brass, or nickel – because metal lasers deliver clean cuts and smooth finishes. CNC lasers are also used for cutting ceramics, silicon, and other non-metals.

What can our CNC Cutting Service Do?

Laser cutters have become handy tools for prototyping and manufacturing. Our company provides CNC cutting service and use it in the following areas.

  • In rapid prototyping, metal laser cutting allows designers to quickly and cheaply iterate on their designs before producing on a large scale.
  • In machine shops as well as in industrial manufacturing to cut large pieces of materials. We also use precision laser cutting to create prototypes.

Steel profile cutting tolerance is the slight positional variance that occurs when sheet metal is cut. This happens in the position of features, diameter of holes, inside dimensions of rectangular cutouts, or outside dimensions of the part itself.


As for a laser cutting company, all the protocase's standard dimensional tolerance for a position, inside and outside dimensions of features produced by metal laser cutting and steel profile cutting on CNC router could reach  ± 0.005.


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