YJXB-3-type mold repair machine, cold welding. Casting defect repairing machine

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YJXB-3-type mold repair machine is a cold welding, repair requirements can easily achieve the following:
High weld strength: Patch Department can milling, filing and other processing.
Repair of high precision: fill timber with thin patches, without losing the original plane, and the excess solder less, post-surgery easier. The minimum amount of repair 0.03mm (with δ0.035 fill material)
Scope large: In addition to copper, aluminum and other low resistivity material, workpiece metal materials can be repaired.
Substrate injury: small hot spots, will not cause deformation of the substrate annealing.
Electrical connection convenience: with magnetic connector, any size workpiece, can easily achieve electrical connection.
Product is in English operation panel and equipped with instructions in English, easy to understand

Meanwhile, YJXB-3 type as my company’s most advanced repair machine products, but also has other advantages unmatched by ordinary cold welding:
1 smaller, lighter (host weighs only 8Kg), greater power
2 microcomputer control, intelligent adaptation fill material of different thickness, different parts and different welding head size. Power distribution more reasonable, digital display, more intuitive and more convenient.
3 switching power supply technology, when the voltage fluctuate within the range of 220V ± 20%, able to ensure stable power output, ensure the welding quality.
4 set up a separate precision welding mode and precision welding head, to provide more support for precision operation
5 latest upgrade, providing solutions for the hardware industry in the single bipolar welding
the typical applications:
A mold industry : all kinds of plastic injection molding , extrusion molding , rubber molding , die casting, metal molds repair
2 Mechanical industry : all kinds of mechanical parts , such as rails, shafts, crankshafts, hydraulic rod repair , etc.
3 foundry industry : various castings ( steel , cast iron, stainless steel, etc. ) of trachoma , porosity , processing ultra- poor
4 printed textiles : flowers , roll , mirror roll , printing rollers, etc. repair
5 hardware industry : Gasket spot

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