Plastic Injection Molding Companies – Gemini Plastics is a World Class Injection Molder

Plastic injection molding companies – – Gemini Plastics Incorporated has taken the lead in manufacturing custom plastic components for a variety of industries such as electronics, medical, pharmaceutical and telecommunications.

A family owned company established in 1969, Gemini Plastics is a world-class custom injection molder, building high quality molds and producing small to large quantities of products, all delivered to the highest quality control standards in the industry.

Gemini’s Management Team has over 100 years of combined plastics industry experience. The company’s mission is to achieve growth by offering competitive prices, exceptional quality products, and on time delivery.

In its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Gemini Plastics molds products for a wide range of applications including more than 3000 custom electronic and lighting components like dimmer knobs, switches, buttons, and other specialized items to name a few.

Industrial molded parts include pump casings, bushings, fittings and valves. Medical products consist of absorber canisters and components for respiratory products. Gemini also molds custom designed trays and literature holders for pharmaceutical customers. Consumer items include plastic display frames, trading card cases, paint trays and bathroom products such as towel bars and toilet tissue rollers.

At Gemini Plastics, products are produced from start to finish — a one stop shop for all customers — with award-winning on-time performance.

The process begins with our teams thorough review of your projects specifications including material usage, molding capabilities, packaging requirements, secondary operations and quality control parameters. We’ll then submit a formal quote for your review that includes all tooling and production costs. Once Gemini is awarded the project, we’ll then review your 3D part design and supply a DFM, both of which are key elements to successfully build your mold.

After the mold is completed, first shot samples are provided for your review… so you can decide what adjustments – if any – need to be made before production begins.

Key to production is the company’s state-of-the-art, 40,000 square foot suburban Philadelphia facility … and a new 30,000 square foot plant in Chihuahua, Mexico. Molding press sizes range from 13 to 440 tons in the U.S. and 40 to 300 tons in the Mexico plant.

With a commitment to go beyond customer expectations, Gemini Plastics also offers an assembly package, allowing you to deliver your finished product directly to your customer.

In addition to the assembly, a full line of post-production services are available including drilling, tapping, heat-staking and a variety of part-decorating processes such as hot stamping, labeling and pad printing.

Gemini Plastic’s commitment to excellence is the enhanced 24-hour quality control system that meets ISO-9001 standards. All measuring equipment is maintained under The National Bureau of Standards guidelines.

State-of-the-art spectrophotometers, video inspection machines, and optical comparators are all used to sustain and even exceed customer quality expectations. Attention to quality is also a key element within the Tooling Department. Gemini’s onsite tooling facility is capable of handling your mold repairs. This reduces customer costs and improves lead time when a mold requires repair. A high-tech maintenance program allows staff to maintain over 2000 molds… and makes sure they’re ready for production when an order is placed.

Customers can also rest assured that Gemini stands behind its molds and products with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The company offers 24 hour support for as long as you remain a customer.

Gemini Plastics has a proven recession-proof track record… experiencing double-digit sales growth during the economic downturn, with a 400-percent growth rate since 1998. Reliability is also proven… meeting tight deadlines and often delivering orders early.

Looking toward the future, Gemini acquired the facility in Chihuahua to meet customer demands for Mexico manufacturing. The new plant has dramatically expanded the company’s production capability and is ready to deliver new orders of any size.

Quality Driven… and Proven Results. That’s the company’s motto and promise to its customers… offering one-stop shop… state of the art facilities … and award-winning, on-time delivery.

Gemini Plastics. Taking plastics design and production to a whole new level.

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