New Tools: Bead Roller and Shrinker Stretcher for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Today I open and play with some new tools, the Eastwood Shrinker Stretcher, and economy Bead Roller! I got these to add to my sheet metal fabrication tool kit, and i like them. They are pretty cheap (made-in-china cheap) but at least they plaster that all over the box, so they aren’t hiding it. I guess that’s a plus? Who cares, it didn’t cost too much so I was able to buy them. They work. I’m super excited. End of story.

I am not affiliated with Eastwood in any way, so i don’t feel bad telling you that there are other companies with similarly priced, almost identical looking tools. I bet you they are all made in the same factory in China and the only difference is paint color. Who knows for sure. I guess just pick the one with the color you like. One other factor, eastwood has a great return/replace policy. That’s important to consider when using Chinesium tools. There are better tools out there, but they are so much better that they price themselves right out of my wallet. Rip my bank account.

Just in case anyone is reading, make sure to read all the way to the end of the end not-credit sequence. There is a haiku there, and it’s amazing. I’m not going to tell you here, because i don’t like giving away spoilers. Just trust me. It’s amazing.

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Post time: Oct-02-2017
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