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HELLWIG performs the reconditioning and/or modernization of your machine tools and special machines.

Our range of services also includes CE consultation and implementation of the minimum requirements in accordance with the Betriebssicherheitsverordnung [German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health].

Machines that HELLWIG reconditions attain at least the precision of the original new machine. (Depending on the machine type, often it is even possible to achieve precision that surpasses that of the new machine). Reduced downtimes are an important “side-effect.”

Spare part manufacturing: Sometimes spare parts for mechanical, electrical or electronic components are not available. No problem: working from drawings or samples, HELLWIG manufactures mechanical parts that are not (or that are no longer) available at the required quality and precision. For electrical/electronic parts we search for a replacement or suggest obtainable alternatives.

Machine and system modernization

From the application- and customer-specific point of view, modernized machines are often more efficient and almost always more economical and substantially more cost-efficient than a comparable investment in new equipment.

Controller retrofit or replacement on machine tools

A (new) machine’s controller does not always fulfill the user’s expectations. HELLWIG offers advice on the selection of the best-suited controller independent of the given manufacturer.

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