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Are you looking for Late Model Parts in Yonkers NY? Than look no further than Saw Mill Auto Wreckers. Visit us at to see what parts we have available!

Saw Mill Auto Wreckers, for years, provided ship owners and insurance companies with prompt, competitive returns on their salvage. Unlike Most Salvers, buying and selling “all types” of products has been our only business for over half a century. Therefore,100 percent of our effort Is focused on providing the best service possible. With Saw Mill, you have the means to recover the most value from your distressed cargo. While no one salvor can provide the most competitive return on every type of salvage,Saw Mill has developed the expertise and sophisticated buyers network to meet any challenge.

In all cases,we make every effort to maximize your return. One of our unique services is that we deal on an International level and have the ability to inspect and purchase commodities, regardless of location!

Prompt and maximum return on distressed cargo. We Inspect and purchase a variety of Commodities at domestic or foreign locations. Our inventory is updated daily at our warehouse facilities. Trucking and equipment available to handle all types of commodities.

Are you looking for parts of the car you normally can’t find? Don’t bother with the auto junk yard, come to us!

Saw Mill Auto trades steel metal products, electronics heavy and light equipment, chemicals, plastics, paper goods, building materials, automobiles, auto parts, textiles, all types of retail goods, Including food products, etc.

Located 12 Worth Street, Yonkers, NY 10701

For any questions call 914-968-0066

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