Jinbo Machine CNC Wire Spiralling Machine

1. This machine is our self-developed product that meets the construction machinery matched rubber hose and fulfills the high standard “pulsating pressure, bursting pressure” requirements.
2. The international standard machine presents device that allow each steel wire to enwind equally on the rubber hose, and changes the sliding friction into the machine body rolling friction, therefore leading to no fracture of wire during the operations.
3. Microcomputer & servo motor control, not only allows the machine to auto execute, but also to precisely control the key parameters in micrometer scale—including rolling diameter, screw pitch, distance of route, etc.
4. This machine is a patent protected product with adjustable bobbin sets. This machine comes with a CNC Tensile Strength Tester and provides all of steel wires with the equal tension.
5. Machine-working housing is made of machinery aluminum alloy, combined with an in-house thermostat air conditioner. This machine housing protects the high-end rubber hose from various outside temperature.
6. The machine is fully controlled by automatic computer program. Only 1-2 operators per machine are needed, which has 2X more efficiencies than the traditional wire Spiraling machines, therefore largely reducing the total production cost.

1. Compared with the traditional Wire-­‐‑Spiraling machines, our self-­‐‑developed CNC wire spiraling machine allows the wires to evenly covers the rubber hose, and has the spiraling techniques for four or five layers. The differences are that the traditional wire-­‐‑Spiraling machine has the cover of wire that is unevenly distributed, and the tensile strength is not properly allocated. This would result the traditional machine in producing unstable rubber hose qualities. Our self-­‐‑developed technology allows us to use the tensile tester to make sure every axis have the same length and strength.

2. The machine fulfills the National Standard of 54o44’ braiding angle. This angle makes the best tensile strength and quality. In fact, the traditional machine use average angle method to meet the standard, result unstable and uneven distributed spiral rubber hose. Jinbo self-developed Wire Spiraling Machine makes each deck have accurate braiding angle of 54 o44’.

3. We adopted the servo motor instead of the frequency conversion motor. This adoption, allows the machine to overload 200%. In addition, the servo motor largely saves the waste of unqualified rubber hose caused by transformation from low speed to standard speed and from standard speed to low speed.

4. The rubber hose enwind speed is steadily kept in 4.4m/min. Due to the high efficiency of the servomotor, thus all the winded rubber hose are all qualified with extraordinary high security factors.

5. The rubber hose produced by our machine can reach the international standards of over 10,000,000 times of pulsating pressures. The quality is much higher and more than stable compare with rubber hose produced by traditional Wire Spiraling machines that only can bear 170,000 times of pulsating pressure, (The national standard is 400,000times)

The use of remote data analysis allows us to remotely diagnose, repair and update programs. HHMH Jinbo provides an excellent after-sale supports.

The machine can produce rubber hose with diameters from 6mm to 64 mm. This producing ability largely exceeds other producers who produces maximum 51mm diameters. The thickest and thinnest rubber hose tends to have a low quality due to the outdated design of the traditional Wire Spiraling machines. However, HHMH-­‐‑Jinbo self-developed CNC Wire spiraling machine can make sure that all wire diameters are met.

6. Jinbo keep updating the Progressive control, from the previous progressive error of 1mm per 50 progressive to zero progressive error, which has a critical effect to both inner and outer quality of the high-pressure spiral-wounded rubber hose.

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