How NOT To Weld Cast Iron

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This is a video that, I’ll be honest, I was putting together 99% because people kept requesting it, but it turned out to be a lot of fun, and I learned a lot… I really was quite surprised by the results. And no, I dont recommend just “winging it” on a cast iron repair, this video was simply an experiment…

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Here’s a cool story for y’all… When I was in school for welding, one of my teachers told us about his first cast iron repair. It was an old bench with a broken leg… He bought some type of cast iron welding electrodes (I dont remember, exactly), and started welding. The repair held for several years, and THEN broke.

He never know he was supposed to pre-heat, or control heat input at the time.

But, when he repaired his repair, he included a pre-heat and it’s still holding today.

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