Harzer Werke Motorentechnik GmbH, Manufacturer, Cylinder liners,

1. History

The HWM is a cooperation with a history of almost 140 years. In 1870, the “HW zu Rübeland und Zorge” were founded. Built as a Verhüttungsbetrieb, the cooperation changed bit by bit into one of the largest grey cast foundaries in Germany. Already in 1911, radiators were produced here, Zentralheizungskessel since 1921. In times of the GDR it was the largest manufacturer of this kind of products in East Germany with over 2000 employees.

2. Takeover by Ulrich Wittkowski

In 2002, Ulrich Wittkowski took over the HW. The Unternehmer takes advantage of tradition, experience and motivation of his employees and specialists for giessereitechnik. Today the HW is one of the last iron foundries in Germany, which developes and manufactures their products from foundry to final fitting.

O-Ton U. Wittkowski:

The main work of the cooperation today is the production of cylinder liners. Cylinder liners are considered one of the most highly stressed structual elements of an engine.
The production of high-quality cylinder liners for engines in the area of navy, rail and stationary generators as well as for pump- and supercharger engineering has been the specialty of Harzer Werke for decades. Orders from all over the world show the know-how of Harzer Werke.
The HW is specialized on the production of high-strength cylinder liners and engine components made of cast iron with lamellar graphite. By manufacturing in centrifugal cast process, it is possible to produce extremly pressure-tight and wear-resistance cylinder liners for all conventional four-stroke-engines, regarding customer specifications and various applications. The fabrication of the raw material in their own centrifugal cast iron foundry, as well as the accurate finishing operation at the own company are of a major advantage here, for it enables them to centralize the entire process of quality assurance. The flexibility regarding customer requirements is also increased by this.

3. Centrifugal Casting

The cast production takes place in a mid-frequency furnace. The optimum castchanneling and compliance to chemical analysis are monitored by computer and permanent sample taking.
Both digital temperature testing method and the experience of the smelters help detect the perfect tapping- and casting time.
The cast is poured into a rotating mould and congeals under the effect of centrifugal force. That generates a high-tight homogeneous structure, which is not impurified by contraction cavities, inclusions or blow holes. So the basis for a clean and absolutely pressure tight material structure is already created in the process of casting.
Regarding customer requirements, different alloys can be offered.

4. Quality standards

In the company-owned laboratory the verification of the achieved parameters takes place. Chemical properties, tensile strength, hardness of the material and bending strength are ascertained, using computer-assisted analysis. The structure of graphite allocation is verified is both qualitative and quantitative. Special advertence is put on the compliance of geometrical measurements and surface relating requirements.

5. Machining and Treatmant

The outer conditioning of the centrifugal cast blanks proceeds on modern cnc lathes. plane parallelism and concentricity are assured through machining in a chucking. Afterwards, these parameters are measured competently. The company is able to manufacture cylinder liners from 130 mm up 600 mm (5 to 24 inches).
Through production of the liners entirely in the company, they are able to respond flexibly regarding delivery times – even of small batch sizes.

With the high quality of their products, the cooperation has a very good reputation on the world market, so that further investions are planned.
With quality from one hand the HW provides troubleshooting for many technical problems.

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