If your interested in one of these pedals, they are listed on ebay, or contact me at 419-615-2773
You can also email me at
If you don’t see them on Ebay, then please contact me by phone or email.
To be sure that your purchasing the best pedal available, be sure that you purchase from Ohio.
My pedals are the price they are because they are a much better built product, I have much more time and money in my products to make sure that they are the best product you will find.
Every year since I’ve been making these pedals, my cost have went up, such as material cost, and mostly shipping cost. I have eaten that cost every year to keep from having a price increase.
I found it necessary after 4 years to have a price increase on all of my products.
This video will compare my revised reverse pedals to other cheaper built pedals that are available.
I make 2 different revised reverse pedals for the John Deere 425-445-455 series garden tractors.
One pedal is adjustable up and down for the speed that you desire, from slow to maximum speed, sold on Ebay.
The 2nd pedal is (non-adjustable) it will give you much more speed in reverse with no adjustment up or down, sold on Ebay, these 2 pedals are in this video.
I also make 2 other revised reverse pedals for other John Deere lawn tractors, one for the LX and GT-series as well as one for the L-110 and L-120 series lawn tractors (not shown in this video).
My pedals are listed on ebay as a buy it now price. To ensure that you are purchasing the highest quality pedal on the market from a TOP RATED SELLER, please be sure that you purchase from 2011jdfan or number1pedal in Ohio.
This video is to show you the difference between a quality built product and a cheaper version that is built elsewhere.
I just want people to know that all of my pedals are built very solid and built to look like a very professionally built product, my pedals are the best built and best quality pedals available anywhere.
My competitor has a video on youtube, as you can tell, he is really trying to bend his pedal over, LOL. The shaft that his pedal mounts to is not moving like he claims, the factory shaft on these tractors are made of high strength steel and would be very very difficult to bend.
He also says in his video that I remanufactured his pedal to make it look like it can be bent over, THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT TRUE, his pedal that you see in this video is the pedal that he made.
What my competitor has done since I made this video, is he has increased the thickness of the sheet metal that he makes his pedals out of from 1/8″ sheet metal that he was using on the pedal in my video and is now using 3/16″ sheet metal on his new pedals.
A 1/16″ is hardly enough to make a difference in good quality. The new pedal that he makes now with 3/16 sheet metal can be bent over as well, just not as easily.
Now he claims that his pedal is made of the same thickness steel as the new X-700 John Deere Tractors, this may be true, but keep in mind that John Deere uses a much better grade of steel then what he is using.
Anyone that is familiar with steel / metal products, should know that it is much easier to bend any kind of flat sheet metal such as what my competitor uses, rather than solid heavy steel rod that I use to make my products.
I just want to set the record straight for people out there that are interested in seeing the facts about the differences between a well built product and poor quality, a video camera won’t lie, people do. I hope that this video will help you to make the choice that is best for you.
The reverse pedals that I make are made to match your forward pedal, unlike my competitor that uses a rubber foot pad from a Simplicity Dealer on his low profile reverse pedal. I’m not one to put Simplicity Parts on my John Deere.
He also claims that my pedal is 1-1/2″ higher from the floor pan than his low profile pedal is, this is simply not true. My non-adjustable pedal is the same height above the floor pan as my competitor’s other pedal that he claims is a bit higher than his low profile pedal. FACT.
My adjustable pedal can be adjusted from that 3-1/2″ height down almost to the floor pan with very very minimal height. There is no other reverse pedal like it, simply the best.
No other revised reverse pedal will give you the speed, performance, or quality that you deserve for your John Deere lawn and garden tractor.
Be sure to read my feedback from past buyers who have purchased these pedals in every single State across the United States as well as Canada. The proof is in the pudding.
You can contact me at 419-615-2773 or simply email me at for any additional questions or concerns.
Thank you for watching this video. God Bless.

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