Accu-Systems MTH Universal Horizontal Machining Center

The MTH is a multi axis machining center designed to produce a high quality French Miter Joint for cabinet doors and beaded face frame materials.

Mortise and Tenon Routing Spindles

The combination will machine a Blind Mortise and Tenon Joint. The Tenon joint can be machined up to 1″ in length. The width is determined by however wide the rail is. This provides for better alignment because the tenon has more surface area making contact with the mortise joint on the stile thus reducing the natural cupping characteristics of wood.
This provides for a higher quality door to be manufactured.

Haunching Spindle

The MTH-XL is equipped with a haunching spindle which haunches out the pocket for the rail to fit in. It also haunches the miter joint for the inside profile. The haunch joint eliminates the need for an end coping profile because it machines the miter on the inside profile. The process eliminates 50% of the tooling that would normally be needed in conventional cope and stick methods. This saves money on tooling, set ups, labor, and floor space for additional machines. The haunching feature also eliminates the need for applied mouldings. There is no longer the need to measure the inside dimension and dry fit applied mouldings due to the inside profile being fully integrated into the rail and stile. A conventional mortise and tenon can also be produced on this machine.

Vertical Profile Spindle

The MTH-XL is also equipped with a vertical Profile Spindle used to apply the inside profile after the mortise, tenon, and haunch have been applied. By incorporating the inside profiling capability, generic S4S material can be used and machined in one process. By using S4S Material, less dedicated material can be kept in inventory which means less inventory and labor cost associated with maintaining inventories. This allows you to keep less inventory in house because the material has not been dedicated to a profile until the component creation process. This saves valuable manufacturing space that would have normally been required to store inventory. Well dimensioned material also saves steps associated with calibration sanding after the assembly process.

By combining multiple operations, we eliminate the labor content associated with machine set ups, uploading, down-stacking, and material transport. This in turn reduces costs associated with making your product. Combining operations into 1 setting also eliminates opportunities for injuries associated with machine set ups and operations.

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