24/7 Live AZ Skies -360 Panoramic/Moon Live Stream

FIRST, would like to thank all new subs.. This originally started as strictly a moon stream, but has morphed to a bit more. The continual stream is a 360` panoramic view of the north Phoenix area of Arizona. On the nights when weather permits and time schedule allows, I break out the scope and get close ups of the moon. I use a Celestron 114LCM telescope and a Twinstar Pro series color camera while on the moon.
While on the 360` cam.. the direction while looking at the flags is north, and the mountain top is south.
This is only a hobby for me that I don’t mind sharing. If you enjoy, hit the thumb up thingy, if not, feel free to say that too… I plan to continue either way. So long as my equipment is up and running at least (sometimes there are issues beyond my control). The images broadcast are the sole property of Gary El 24/7 AZ Skies and may not be rebroadcast or copied without prior permission. Feel free to contact through YouTube home page or if I am in chat.
When it comes to chat.. so long as everyone is respectful, it will remain open at all times. Feel free to share opinions, but do not mock anyone else for their beliefs or opinions of their own. Trolls will be played with until they become boring. But I do encourage open minded chat and all topics are welcome, so long as they are not offensive.

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Post time: Sep-23-2017
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