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Types of CNC Maching Operations for CNC Parts Production

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FANUC CNC Parts and The Different Types of CNC Machining Operations.

FANUC CNC parts have a vital role to play in the CNC machining operations that are prevalent today. These parts lend their intelligent controls and smart maneuvers to the CNC machines operational today. Thus, making the entire CNC machining process efficient and accurate.

The CNC machining process is a term that includes different types of machining operations. FANUC CNC parts contribute immensely to the efficiency of each of these operations. Thereby, ensuring that each cycle ends with accuracy.

In this article, we will discuss CNC machining and the different operations that make this process widely applicable.

Introduction to CNC Machining

Before getting to defining the types of CNC machining, it is imperative that we first explain the process of CNC machining for a better understanding of its types.

CNC or Computer Numeric Control machining process blends the ability of a mechanical process with the powers of a computer. By doing so, it presents an efficient part-formation process. This process is prevalent in the manufacturing industries. Where it finds application as a subtractive mechanical process.

A subtractive process is the one that creates a product after the removal of material. And CNC machining crafts high-precision parts by cutting and removing unwanted areas of the workpiece.

Gaining its support from the smart technology that comes with FANUC CNC parts, CNC machining eliminates human-errors. Thus, leading to a swift, precise, and accurate machining process.

This process can work using a wide variety of cutting tools. And can create complex parts out of metals, wood, glass, and a host of other materials.

CNC Machine

The CNC machines today are known for their high-precision, short cycle time, and cost-effectiveness. But what often goes unnoticed are the parts that lend these features to the CNC machine.

All modern CNC machines are based on intelligent robotic parts and smart control systems, like FANUC CNC parts. These parts, by making the CNC machines more efficient, make the entire CNC machining process swifter and more reliable.

The CNC machine provides a platform for the creation of CNC-machined parts. All CNC machines, in general, comprise a work-holding device and a tool-containing spindle. And either of these two devices rotates to perform the cutting job, depending on the type of CNC process.

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Progressive CNC machining companies, like Best Precision Technologies, work on CNC machines that are highly automized courtesy of FANUC CNC parts. And only require the operator for loading the programming code into the computer and workpiece onto the work holding device. The machine itself handles the rest. Thus, these companies produce error-free parts at an affordable price.

The CNC Machining Process

The CNC machining process comprises four separate stages. Each stage has a unique but equally important role to play in the outcome of the CNC process.

The first stage of the CNC machining process is the design stage. In this stage, design engineers use CAD software programs to create 2D and 3D models of their products. So that they can check their dimension and validate their performance before bringing them to life.

FANUC CNC parts contribute immensely to this process by helping with simulation. Best Precision Technologies employs FANUC-supported simulation software to simulate the performance of a given product, refine its dimensions and then put the metal under the drill.

After the design is approved, the CAD files are converted into CAM files. CAM files contain the G-code or the language that CNC computers understand. Thus, these files dictate the movements of the machines by elaborating the part dimensions that the CAD file holds.

Once the CAM file is ready, operators load the CNC machine with the workpiece and fix it with the right tooling device. When they give the machine a green signal to go ahead. It starts cutting and removing the right areas of the metal. Creating a precise and intricate part in no time.

Top CNC machining companies, like Best Precision Technologies, use the most appropriate tooling and have machines backed by smart FANUC CNC parts that leave no money on the table, and only craft the best designs.

FANUC CNC Parts and Different CNC Machining Operations

CNC machining finds immense use in the manufacturing industry because of its capability to produce a wide variety of parts with varying complexities and intricate designs. It enjoys this wide applicability because it does not stay restricted to just one type of process, but expands into different types of operations, depending upon the requirements of the parts.

Three of the most popular types of CNC machining operations are:

CNC Milling

The CNC milling process creates incisions, shallow markings, and cavities in the workpiece. It also finds use when performing peripheral milling operations, where its cutters align parallelly to the workpiece.

In a CNC milling machine, the cutting tool is fixed inside a spindle and rotates at super high speed. And with a FANUC CNC parts controller at the backend, forms precise markings on the workpiece that is held in place.

CNC Drilling

The CNC drilling process differs from the milling process in that it utilizes multi-point cutting tools like drill bits to create cylindrical holes in the workpiece. This type of CNC machining process is most suitable for creating screw-holes, guide-holes, and other types of elongated or shallow holes in the workpiece.

With the support from the FANUC CNC parts controller, the CNC drill machine maneuvers its robotic arm to align perpendicularly with the metal surface and drill precise holes in it or through it.

The FANUC-backed drill machines used by fast-moving CNC machining companies like Luck-best.com can work with different shapes and sizes of drill bits and offer unmatched versatility in their production.

CNC Turning

CNC turning is a unique type of CNC machining process that holds the cutting tool in place or moves it axially while the workpiece rotates at high speed.

The CNC turning machines also gather their speed and efficiency from FANUC CNC parts and work on cylindrical workpieces to create custom designs, internal and external markings on the workpiece.

These machines are best used when creating slots, threads, and taper heads on the workpiece while preserving the integrity of the material. The CNC turning machine has a variety of available tools including tools for threading, forming, grooving, and many other applications. And can use any of these tools, depending upon the design requirements of the products

Best Precision Technologies makes the most of its FANUC CNC parts and offers workpiece boring, facing, and grooving using the CNC turning machines.

How FANUC CNC Parts are Revolutionizing CNC Machining?

Be it CNC drilling, milling, or turning, FANUC CNC parts are playing an important part in ensuring the efficiency of all types of CNC machine operations.

FANUC is a pioneer in innovating world-class robots and has contributed immensely in automizing the CNC machining industry.

The FANUC-supported CNC machines are swifter, more precise, and highly accurate. Moreover, they do not require any human operators, hence eliminating the chances of human errors in their production. Additionally, these automized machines being swifter and more accurate minimize raw material wastage and production time.

FANUC robots promise 3850 working hours before they need maintenance. This means, if the need arises, the companies using FANUC CNC parts, like Luck-best.com, can keep their CNC machining processes going for a long time before taking a maintenance break. Hence, they promise superior product quality with optimum lead time.


CNC machining, with the support of FANUC CNC parts, has enjoyed a high reputation in the parts manufacturing industry.

Cashing in on the smart features offered by the FANUC CNC parts, these machines have reshaped the way workpieces were machined back in the day.

The efficiency offered by FANUC’s smart controllers and robotics does not only stay restricted to any one of the CNC processes. But all the different types of CNC processes including CNC milling, drilling, and turning enjoy high-precision, world-class accuracy, and mind-blowing speed courtesy of the state-of-the-art CNC parts.

Luck-best.com, a renowned Chinese CNC machining company blends the intelligence of FANUC CNC parts with the efficiency of modern CNC machines. And offers CNC machining processes that are tightly-controlled, precise, accurate, and cost-effective.

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