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The Importance of Tools in CNC Machining Industry

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Tooling is an essential process in manufacturing and determines many of the critical characteristics of a finished part. However, despite its vital role, there has always been a great deal of confusion over the potential investment required to develop high-quality tooling for manufacturers and any associated benefits. Now, new digital developments mean that is no longer the case.

Clearly, this can be achieved in many ways. One option is to consider ways of reducing the cost of production operations, without affecting quality or productivity.

For example, tooling is used in almost every manufacturing process and can often account for a considerable percentage of overall costs. Common types of tooling include jigs and other work holding tools, cutting, punching, and milling tools, plus moulding and forming tools. In each case, the quality and precision of the tool-set will have a direct impact on the efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing process, affecting factors such as reject-rates, waste, energy consumption, speed of production and, ultimately, operating margins.

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