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Next Wave Automation: CNC Shark HD4 Parts are the Best Value for Money

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The Shark HD4 CNC machines are ideal for woodworkers and hobbyists wishing speedy and precise job. The CNC Shark HD4 parts can route all types of wood, etch or cut tile, and even engrave plastics. Its quality design has been developed through CNC machines to guarantee the highest accuracy.  The structure of CNC Shark HD4 comprises high density polyethelenealuminium, and steel. The inclusion of these materials make it a long lasting, close tolerance, and robust routing machine. An important feature of this powerful machining system is that it decreases risks attached with woodworking. The methods of cutting wood do not require the user to interact with the cutting tools. All the fabrication work remains safe.  

 A CNC Shark HD4 doesn’t work with fluids since it is a dry router. It is therefore recommended to avoid cutting anything wet, misting, or lubricated. Otherwise the machine will catch fire. 

cnc shark hd4 parts

CNC Shark HD4 Assembly Pack: 

  A CNC Shark HD4 machine usually comprises the following items 

  1. CNC Shark HD4  
  2. CNC controller  
  3. 15 pin pendant cable  
  4. An LCD touch screen pendant  
  5. A power supply  
  6. A power cord  
  7. hold down clamps  

 Features of CNC Shark HD4 Machine: 

  1. The dimensions of Shark HD4 table are 16’’ x 36’’  
  2. The linear movement of or lengths of travel for X, Y, and Z axis are 13’’ x 25’’ x 7’’ 
  3. The machine contains anti-backlash and wear resistant leadscrews on all axes  
  4. Overall dimensions are 24-1/4’’W x 36’’L x 24-1/2’’H  
  5. The machine can interlock table for better clamping and accuracy 
  6. Colour screen pendant 
  7. On/ OFF control  
  8. The machine reinforces to handle larger routers such as DeWalt DW618 

 Overview of CNC Shark HD4 parts: 

 The Shark HD4 parts mount up a computer numerically controlled routing system for carving and machining different materials. The Shark HD4 CNC incorporates 3 stepper motors, an LCD Colour Pendant, and a Controller Interface Box with a power supply. 

Controller Interface:  

 It constitutes programming and communication interfaces of the CNC machine for smooth working. It is connected to the CNC Shark HD4 through the serial cable included in the package.  

 LCD Pendant:  

 This part of CNC Shark HD4 controls the movement of X, Y, and Z axis. It is a standalone unit which saves the .TAP file made by VCarve 

 Touch Plate: 

The Touch Plate is an optional accessory. The user can plug it in into the CNC Shark HD4 for faster and correct setups. This touch plate is made of solid aluminium. The plate lays horizontally on the material surface and sets Z-axis motor for accurate cutting.  

 Dust Boot: 

The machine has a dust boot with replacement bushes. Usually, the dust boot is available in all CNC machines. Since carving goes on for all day, the dust boot maintains and keeps it clean while constantly removing parts.  

cnc shark hd4 parts

 Three Stepper Motors: 

The three stepper motors perform the function of moving the machine in in moving on X, Y, and Z axis. The X-axis motor controls the machine’s movement in the left and right direction. The Y axis motor controls the front and backward movement of the machine. The Z axis motor plays an important role in the upward and downward movement of the pen. These are much important CNC Shark HD4 parts.  


 The gantry is part of Shark HD4 machine which moves along the x axis. It supports with plate aluminum and a strong interlocking aluminum table. The gantry allows the router to float efficiently on the cutting surface. Its purpose is to carry heavy objects for smooth cutting. The gantry is attached to the base for standard operation. Usually bolts and nylon-insert lock nuts are used to attach a gantry assembly to the base assembly.  

Shark Tooth: 

 The Shark Tooth accepts a range of pens or pencils and works with VCarve to draw with the CNC. This precision made pen, pencil or other marking tools holder remarkably converts the CNC router into classy writing artist. It directly mounts into the collet like a regular bit. The tooth is used for layout and checking the accuracy of tool path because it features precise center-line alignment with adjustable pen pressure. These CNC Shark HD4 parts are made from grade aluminum with precision ground ¼ inch stem.  


 The 2HP water-cooled spindle of CNC Shark HD4 is ultra-quiet and an ideal part for demanding work environments. The liquid-cooled feature of the spindle lets it work exceptionally well in lengthy operations without the fear of overheating.   The spindle can replace the router to become a primary cutter in the Shark HD4 machine. The spindle bears harsh environments and plugs directly into a wall socket.   

Router Carriage: 

 The router carriage is installed into router base and contains the proper cutter to cut different materials. The router of Shark HD4-CNC works like an ordinary handheld router to cut various materials. It is similar to CNC mill and enables the machine to route toolpaths. It increases productivity and efficiently decreases wastage. The major advantage of this part is that it decreases the amount of cutting time besides doing the job with precision.  

 Interlocking Clamping Base: 

 To safe guard the CNC machine is an important step to create a secured and efficient workplace. The interlocking clamping base properly secures the Shark HD4 machine on the table by providing extra protection. It holds the material in place for efficient functioning of Shark CNC machine. 

 4th Axis: 

 A pricey part of Shark HD4 machine is the 4th axis.  It is attached to the bed of the CNC machine and works like a lathe. It contains its own motor and gives a whole new experience of CNC routing. 

 Workflow Synopsis of CNC Shark HD4 Parts 

These CNC Shark HD4 encompasses Vectric VCarve design software and Vector Art 3D Sampler. With these design software, it can make multitude of designs from numerous art and drawing programs. It is important to note that unlike other woodworking tools, a CNC Shark HD4 works two distinct components:  


  1. Design and toolpath creation  
  2. Machining the part 

 VCarve creates design of the part but does not directly control the CNC Shark HD4 tooling.. This powerful and easy-to-use software saves files with the extension ‘.crv’, which is generally called a ‘project file’. The user can modify it anytime through VCarve Software. On finalization of the design, VCarve creates a single a various toolpaths according to the requirement of the work, carving, drilling, or profile etc. Every type of job requires a separate toolpath.

The user chooses the design component, selects the cutting tool, and creates the toolpath. The VCarve software enables the user to preview the outcome of the toolpath. If required, necessary changes are made before cutting the material. The VCarve saves the toolpath and converts it into a .TAP file to automatically create the g-code. The user saves the g-code onto a USB drive and loads it directly into the CNC Shark HD4. The tap file containing g-code instructions controls the CNC Shark HD4 and moves it in X, Y, or Z axis to make precise cuts with selected cutting tools.  

 Machining the Part  

The tap file saved in the USB plugged in the Controller Interface works through the Touch Screen interface. The user pushes the ‘Load G-Code’ button and chooses the right tap file. Then the user selects the ‘Run’ button and puts the Shark HD4 on course to machine the part.  

cnc shark hd4 parts


Next Wave Automation keeps on progressing by manufacturing world’s leading CNC Shark HD4 parts. It delivers an excellent customer support, introduces innovative software, and accessories that significantly bring changes in the way things are done in general. 

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