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In a workshop, the pillar drill is one of the most useful stationary machines. The precision of the drilling was noted, as was the variety of the applications. The base of a pillar drill is linked to a frame or workbench. Next, An adjustable table is suspended between the bottom and the drill. You clamp the wooden board, sheet material, or tile on it. Is the workpiece secure and positioned correctly? Use the handle to lower the drill. Using a pillar drill will not drill crooked. The main difference between a pillar drill and other drills is that you have to carry the work to the drill instead of the work. As a result, you can only drill individual workpieces.

pillar drill

What may a pillar drill be used for?

A drill, of course, makes holes. Would you have guessed that a pillar drill might be used to make a fixed spindle grinder, saw, or polish holes? A round wire brush can even be used to remove rust from metal items.

Drilling with a pillar drill is faster and more precise than drilling with a hand-held drill. The drill table on some versions can be moved not only up and down, but also in different angles (radially). There is a range of alternative processing possibilities with some customized extras.

Uses of a pillar drill

What you refer to as a pillar drill, I refer to as a drill press. It is a tool that allows the operator a steady workplace that will secure the material being drilled. The material could be wood, plastic, or metal- which determines the drill bit to be used.

For most operations, the table of the drill press must be horizontal. The drill press can only move the drill vertically up and down. Some clamping device assures that the workpiece will not be thrown off position.

This allows the operator to start the drill by pushing a button and then using one hand to bring the bit into contact with the material. The advantage is that the holes drilled will always be at right angles to the surface at the point of contact.

Benefits Of Using A Pillar Drill:

  • Accuracy and precision
  • It can be used to drill metal safely and efficiently
  • Is capable of handling heavy-duty tasks
  • You have full control over the speed

The Distinction Between A Pillar Drill And Drill Press

The terms pillar drill and drill press are often used interchangeably to refer to the same drilling machine. This, however, is a widespread misunderstanding. There is a big difference. One stands on the floor, while the other sits on a workbench.

It should not be mistaken with a bench drill, which is extremely similar. A bench drill is permanently fixed, whereas a pillar drill press can be more portable.

And with that, you've learned pretty much everything there is to know about pillar drills. They're simple machines, yet they play a critical role in engineering and production.

How to Use a Pillar Drill Safely

A pillar drill resembles a bench drill in appearance. Both machines can be used to make holes in materials. The bench drill can be fixed to a tabletop or bench, but the pillar drill is larger and must be used on the floor. Drill holes in bigger surfaces with the pillar drill. Several safety mechanisms are already installed on this computer. Other safety devices can be included depending on the material being drilled. You must, however, take further precautions to ensure that you, the machine, and others are not damaged in any way.

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