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A CNC turning part is a machine tool that revolves the workpiece around a central spindle and a stationary cutting tool. Your material's movements, rather than being operated by manual labor, dictation by a coded instruction fed through a computer is used. Multiple steps go through programming at once, so your fabric doesn't have to leave the lathe between manufacturing, guaranteeing correct placement for cuts.

A simple CNC lathe operates on two axes and moves the material it cuts with a rotation. The material's rotation is called a 'turning,' so you may hear CNC lathes called CNC turning parts. Lathe machines with more than two axes, perhaps with an additional Y-axis or sub-spindle, will likely be nicknamed CNC turning parts rather than a CNC turning machine.

CNC turning part

What can a CNC lathe machine produce?

The CNC lathe machine's adaptability makes it a useful tool for companies in a wide range of industries, including automotive, healthcare, electronics, and aerospace.

A CNC lathe machine can produce various products, from more oversized items such as automobile frames and airplane engines to smaller surgical instruments, gears, and garden tools. It can also make all kinds of structures, including flat surfaces, threads, and cylindrical components with inner and outer diameters.

When determining which type of CNC lathe machine you want to purchase or which supplier to partner with, consider the axes of each device; the axes tend to be an indicator of the machine's capabilities. It can yield fewer components the lower the axes are. The more complicated the capabilities, such as milling, tapping, drilling, and boring operations, the higher the axis.

CNC automatic lathe processing advantages:

Due to the ideal cutting speed and feed design, the tool cost is relatively low. In a small number of different manufacturing modes, the unit cost can be decreased, especially when the end product's shape is complex and refined. If the program is well designed, it is usable by machine tools at different times and places.

There's no need to redesign to achieve the same impact, so you may save money and time upfront. "Adaptive control" can keep the machine tool in top production shape while also extending its life.

Inspection costs can be reduced by eliminating much of the pre-operation time, and the operator does not need expensive equipment.

Using special molds and fixtures is necessary therefore saving processing time. This time saving is achieved through Automatic tool change, feeding, etc., with a higher degree of automation and high efficiency, high quality, and high produce.

Disadvantages of CNC automatic lathe processing

  • The CNC machine tool has a high initial purchase cost.
  • Processing and operation must be understood by program staff.
  • The equipment is precise and complex, and maintenance and repair costs are high.
  • It relies on programmers mechanical maintenance professionals. Such personnel training is more complicated than general technicians.

What does a CNC lathe do and How can we use it?

In any lathe, a cylindrical workpiece turns at rapid speed. At the same time, a fixed cutter is positioned to cut the material. This is why lathe work is called turning. This contrasts to a mill where both the turret holding the tool and the bed on which the workpiece rests both move alone hence in milling, there is no rotation.

CNC turning parts are suitable for factories that have larger production runs to fill and demand a high degree of accuracy and reproducibility with the least amount of time and labor commitment. CNC turning parts require far less user monitoring than engine lathes, thanks to a wide indexing table full of diverse, already-mounted cutting tools and the ability to pre-program and store their pathways of motion on the computer. Many firms are now using CNC turning parts for finishing operations that can be done on cylindrical grinders, thanks to advancements in lathe technology.

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