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CAD is an important aspect of manufacturing and product development. Thankfully, solutions that enable you to numerically CNC metal design highly accurate metal models are readily available. CNC machining is one of the most popular manufacturing technologies. With this in mind, mechanical CAD software is not enough to be able to produce first-class models. CAD software for mechanical design needs to have functions that allow designers to design with CNC metal in mind. This will maximize the speed and efficiency of manufacturing and significantly reduce errors as possible failures can be identified and eliminated early in the design phase.

CNC metal design

SolidWorks CAM is a plug-in sold separately for all versions of SolidWorks. It enables you to prepare CNC metal designs for production early in the product development process. It provides fully integrated, knowledge-based CNC programming right within the SolidWorks interface. The software quickly generates processing information using automatic feature recognition, standard operations, and your own best practice strategies.


Factors such as cutting depth, tool type, and tool size immediately appear in the model. This frees up your time to focus on the more critical areas of CNC metal design. At any time, additional machining operations can be manually created using SolidWorks model geometry.


AutoCAD is usually part of any list related toCAD compatibility. Our list of the best CNC metal design software is no exception. Previously, there were several industry-specific AutoCAD products. One of them is AutoCAD machinery. However, in 2019, AutoCAD Machinery, along with other products, was unified into a toolset under a toolkit.

AutoCAD Machinery is an AutoCAD toolset dedicated to DFM(CNC metal Design and Manufacture). Its features allow you to create, modify and document CNC metal design manufacturing processes, especially CNC machining. You can also determine dimensions, create a bill of materials, and generate machine components. This package comes with a library of parts and symbols for over 700,000 mechanical components, which greatly reduces your CNC metal design effort. Some of the features of AutoCAD machinery directly conducive to CNC machining are as follows.

Solid Edge is a CAD/CAM software for 2D drawing, 3D Solid modeling and manufacturing for all product development. Solid Edge combines the simplicity and speed of direct modeling also with the control of parametric modeling and the flexibility by used synchronous technology. The kit boasts a complete tool portfolio that requires not only mechanical and electrical design, but also manufacturing.

CNC metal design

Solid Edge provides advanced tools for manufacturing complex products using CNC machining or 3D printing. Machine tools are programmed to meet all types of CNC manufacturing processes, from basic CNC programming to high-speed and multi-axis milling are available at Solid Edge.

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