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Turned parts are made mechanically, Mainly rotating symmetrical parts, which are made by turning production as a manufacturing process.

In the turning process, the workpiece is turned - milling center machining with the help of the lathe. In this process, the parts being turned are carved with turning chisels. Therefore, turning cuts parts of excess material, usually more than 1000 RPM. During turning, material specifications, cutting tools and machining diameters affect turning speed and feed speed.

We are a turned parts manufacturer in China. Best Precision uses advanced CNC lathes to produce a wide range of turning parts. According to our customers' designs, we produce high-precision turning parts to meet their exact requirements. From the simplest pieces to the most exquisite, we can offer almost any turning part you can imagine.

turned parts manufacturer

We can produce a range of aluminum, brass, steel and stainless steel turned parts at our machining plant. Best Precision Technology as for a turned parts manufacturer.We always look to invest in the latest CNC lathes to stay at the turning edge of manufacturing. Specifically, multiple quality checks are carried out on all components to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our highly trained staff use precision measuring equipment, which enables us to provide first-class products.

Our in-house lathe department can produce turning parts to match any design by use multi-axis lathes and state-of-the-art design software . We can provide turning parts with diameters from 2mm to 350mm or bigger. Numerical control technology allows us to accurately turn extremely complex geometric shapes and control tolerances of ±0.008 or better.

turned parts manufacturer

As for a turned parts manufacturer.We will develop the design of the turning parts according to your design documents or in cooperation with you, as needed, to meet the fit, form and function required by your project. Our in-house design team provides valuable engineering assistance and support to help make your parts as efficient and cost effective as possible.

We also know turned parts are used in countless industries and applications as for a turned parts manufacturer and base on many years turned parts manufacture experiences.

We have provided CNC turned parts for:
Auto and vehicle systems
Inspection equipment
Military and aerospace
Medical & dental devices
Tele-communication device
Semiconductor manufacturing

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