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CNC lathes: types and features of choice, use of coolant

cincinnati cnc parts

Cincinnati cnc parts process the workpiece as it rotates. A lathe creates a spherical, conical or cylindrical part from a workpiece. It is also used for tapping or drilling holes.

Modern enterprises prefer to do turning work on machine tools with programmed control. In this case, the probability of getting a marriage in a finished product is minimal.

Varieties of cincinnati cnc parts

Universal machine tools do not have such a wide range of functions as CNC devices that perform any specific operation. Even a cheap automatic lathe will do its job better than a universal machine.

Types of lathes:

  • Carousel machines are good to use for small parts of large diameter. They bore cylindrical parts, cut grooves, remove ends. The part comes on a vertical axis - a faceplate. If the diameter of the part is large, then 2 stands are good to use, on which the cutting tool is installed.
  • Semi-automatic or automatic machines are essentially copy machines. They involve working with complex shapes where 100% accuracy is required. The number of cutters may vary; the automation allows you to set up a serial production of small-sized parts.
  • Screw-cutting machines are most widespread. Most often they make lots of small orders. Installing a CNC on such a machine will increase the number of parts produced.

Choosing a CNC machine for turning work

When choosing cincinnati cnc parts, you should decide on the nature of the work that will be required of it. If you need to make one part every few months, then it is better to choose a universal version of the machine. If mass production of parts is established, then a CNC machine would be an excellent option.

For a large number of large-diameter workpieces, choose a carousel or screw-cutting lathe. There are quite a few worthy manufacturers of such machines in the world; here is a list of the most popular ones:

  • TOYODA (Japan)
  • SMTCL (China)
  • HAAS (USA)
  • ANCA (Australia)
  • HEDELIUS (Germany)
  • Biglia (Italy)
  • AVIA (Poland)
  • TORNOS (Switzerland)
  • CIDAN (Sweden)
  • TRENS (Slovakia)

How to work on a CNC lathe?

To obtain skills in working with a lathe, you can use special computer programs. They work like a simulator. The student can try the work of the machine in different modes, thus, he will learn the principle of operation and the main control buttons. Before being admitted to this machine, you should undergo training on the simulator.

The machine works as follows:

The part rotates, and under the influence of the cutting tool. Its shape changes. If the work carries out manually, then the master relies on his experience and skill, but in CNC machines it is enough to set the necessary parameters and the part will be made exactly, in accordance with the drawing. Here the experience of the turner is not so significant. The main ability to work with CNC: to correctly set the settings, choose the correct operating mode.

What are the cnc parts machines safety systems?

The safety system has been improved on CNC machines. If a failure occurs and there is a threat to the health of personnel, the machine will immediately shut down.

What kind of coolant to use?

When processing workpieces from various types of metals, it is worth choosing and buying the appropriate cutting fluid. Our experts will help you with this.

Metal processing using numerical control is a process that allows you to control all stages of work, including turning on and off equipment, the speed of mechanisms and other technical processes that affect the quality and productivity of equipment.

The use cincinnati cnc parts make it possible to speed up the process of solving problems and optimize the work on the execution of mass orders.

Today you can find many options for CNC machines, including:

  • 3D printers;
  • milling modifications;
  • laser processing machines;
  • routers;
  • power plants;
  • bandsaw equipment, etc.

Let's try to understand in more detail how a CNC machine works and what the advantages of using such equipment are.


The main task for organizing the correct operation of numerically controlled equipment is the preparation of a program for processing parts. The software code is easy to write from scratch or compiled using a special program - CAM, converts graphic drawings into G-code.

The process of working with a CNC machine does not contain any difficulties:

  • the operator enters the program into the equipment control unit;
  • BUS (machine control unit) processes the information received, prepares commands for the equipment and sends them to the drive system;
  • the drive mechanism controls the speed and movement of the machine elements when executing commands;
  • the feedback system monitors and records all data on the operation of the equipment, the information is sent back to the BUS;
  • the signals received by the control unit are compared with the specified parameters, when errors are detected, they are corrected and sent in order to correct the process to the actuator;
  • the operator controls the operation of the entire system through the display of the machine control panel.

How does cincinnati cnc parts system work in practice?

The process of creating a part begins with design - creating a three-dimensional model of future products. In the design program CAM, it is possible to specify all dimensions and parameters of the part with high accuracy rates.

The CAM software converts the finished model into G-code, which is used by the CNC in further work.


Further operation of the equipment (after programming the machine) includes 2 large stages:

  • setting up equipment;
  • part production.

The cincinnati cnc parts machine is set up in stages. Before starting the equipment, it is necessary to check the amount of oil and coolant in the equipment, make sure that there are no foreign objects in the work area. Moreover, check the operation of the compressor for air supply.

The next step is to start the machine and load all the tools in the order indicated by the software. The part comes on the working surface using a vise or other tools provided for by the design of the equipment.

The tools moves to the top surface of the workpiece and their position corrects. The last step of the preparatory stage is downloading the NC program via a USB stick.


The beginning of the use in production of equipment with numerical software has made it possible to significantly improve the quality of the production process. Including:

  • to increase the speed of production of parts by an average of 2 times;
  • reduce the time spent on changing the working tool (CNC machines in most cases are equipped with a head with the ability to change the nozzle);
  • improve the accuracy of the resulting products, eliminating the influence of the human factor on the outcome of the work (parts made with CNC correspond to the specified parameters with an accuracy of microns);
  • improve the quality of finished products due to the cleanliness of processing - thanks to the use of software to control the movement of the hydraulic drive, it is possible to achieve the effect of a polished surface of the parts and avoid additional processing);
  • get the ability to perform parts of complex shapes and configurations;
  • To reduce the cost of human resources by reducing the number of employees involved in the work and optimizing the workflow (one operator can simultaneously service 2–4 machines without losing the quality of work).

A huge advantage of using cincinnati cnc parts is the ability to combine several options of equipment into one complex production network, thanks to which it is possible to organize the production of parts requiring multi-profile processing on one conveyor.


CNC equipment has become a characteristic feature of modern industry due to the increase in plant productivity and a host of other benefits. In this article, we will look at the main areas of application of CNC machines.

Mechanical engineering of cincinnati cnc parts

This industry is not complete without devices equipped with a numerical control system. CNC-equipped machines demonstrate the following results:

high precision of workpieces processing;
high speed of production of finished products;
reduction of marriage due to the elimination of the human factor;
the ability to manufacture parts of any complexity;
productivity increase.

In the automotive industry, CNC equipment is used in the manufacture of gearboxes, cylinder heads, starting motors, drive axles and other elements.


The modern furniture industry is also not complete without CNC woodworking machines. With their help, they create smooth and embossed furniture details, process glass, create embossed patterns, and so on.

Moreover, not only flat, but also curved or even convex parts of any shape is easy to process. In addition, with the help of CNC equipment, elements of wooden stairs, columns, balusters, handrails and various details with a bas-relief are made.


Here, the use of cincinnati cnc parts machines is especially important, because this industry is omes by high requirements for the accuracy of parts. Sometimes the deviations of dimensions in this area cannot exceed 1 micron. And only computerized machines can provide such processing precision.

Communication sphere

In the telecommunications field, CNC equipment is also used, since high-precision parts are important. Elements of microwave antennas, radiators, corrugated horns, etc. are made on CNC machines.

Medical field

Modern dental, diagnostic or surgical equipment consists of the smallest parts that cannot be produced on a manually operated machine. At the same time, medical equipment must be highly accurate, because people's health will largely depend on the quality of its work.

Therefore, spare parts for equipment and instruments used in the medical field are manufactured on CNC machines. Examples include pacemaker parts, medical instruments, or titanium prostheses, for example.

How to choose between plasma and laser?

It is quite difficult to choose cincinnati cnc parts equipment that covered your technological needs, but at the same time did not leave you bankrupt. What factors should be considered when choosing equipment for metal cutting? Which method will be more expensive to operate?

In this article, we want to talk with you about the characteristics that determine cut quality and their implications for plasma and laser cutting.

The following are the main characteristics influencing the choice of equipment:

  • material
  • metal thickness
  • cutting quality
  • secondary processing
  • performance
  • the cost
  • operation and repair


Plasma cutting is designed exclusively for electrically conductive metals. Laser cutting is used both for cutting metal (low-carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium) and other materials - wood, plastic, and foam.

When choosing a cincinnati cnc parts, first of all, you should pay attention to the type of material with which the equipment will work.

Cut quality of cincinnati cnc parts

The quality of the cut affects not only the appearance of the part, but also the subsequent processes, such as welding or painting. Not all industries place high demands on edge quality and the operator can trade cut quality for productivity.

Laser cutting is characterized by excellent edge quality and tighter tolerances (i.e. more accurate and stable cuts). For plasma cutting, the edge quality is excellent, but in some cases additional reworking may be required. You can read about the factors that determine cut quality in our blog.

cincinnati cnc parts 2021

Secondary processing

Products cut by laser cutting occasionally need secondary processing. Parts after plasma cutting in some cases it is necessary to grind the surface and the edge, as well as to remove the frozen metal (scale).

Performance of cincinnati cnc parts

The most common mistake is to equate productivity solely with cutting speed. Cincinnati cnc parts cover all technological needs and provide high productivity at low thicknesses. In turn, plasma cutting benefits from a cutting range of up to 40mm. At the same power consumption, a plasma installation is 2-3 times more efficient than a laser one.

Milling Process

How CNC Precision Engineering Enhances Quality And Performance

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