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There are many choices in the world of tools when it comes to steel. Today, we will be discussing just one of them called cold-forged steel. From its history to its applications, we want to give you a better idea of why it should be your go-to choice for the tools in your life.

What is cold forged steel?

Cold forged steel is a material that has been formed using a hammer and a punch. It is one of the oldest metalworking techniques and used for thousands of years. 

Cold forging is an excellent method of forming metal because it can be done while the metal is at normal room temperature which means that the metal will not lose its strength. 

The material used in cold-forged steel is relatively inexpensive, making it an excellent choice for producing tools.

cold-forged steel

Properties of cold forged steel:

It can be used in many things, from exercise equipment to tools. Following are the properties of cold forged steel.

  • The cold forging process allows the grains of the steel to align and thus makes it very strong. 
  • Cold forged steel is very durable.
  • Cold forged steel is corrosion resistant. 
  • It is not prone to cracking. 
  • Cold forged steel is not brittle. 
  • It is not prone to denting and fatigue.

Why Cold Forged Steel is the Best?

Cold Forged Steel is the best choice for many reasons. It is the material of choice in many industries, including the boat building industry, because of its versatility and unique properties.

It is highly durable along with strength. It is also corrosion-resistant, so it doesn’t corrode or rust. All of these factors conclude that it is easy to work with.

The fact that it has higher strength and hardness means that it can withstand more wear and tear than other types of steel. These factors make it the best choice for many different applications.

At the same time, the price of this product is more than reasonable compared to other products. Because of these reasons and other properties, that is why cold-forged steel is best for you.

Why do we need to reprocess Cold Forged Steel?

The main reason why we need to reprocess cold forged steel is because of the micro-structure and residual stresses that are induced during the forging process.

Forging produces a number of beneficial features such as

  • improved mechanical properties
  • increased resistance to wear and tear
  • greater toughness

However, it also leads to the development of residual stresses and a reduction in the ductility of the steel.

This is because forging induces plastic straining. Additionally, permanent deformation and strain hardening also occur which further reduces ductility of cold forged steels.

To remove these effects from the microstructure of cold forged steels, they are subjected to a process known as 'annealing'.

Annealing is a heat treatment process that is used to remove residual stresses and restore ductility to the steel. The parts are heated to a specific temperature and then slowly cooled in an annealing furnace.

This process results in the recrystallization of the metal and the formation of new, larger grains. The annealing process also restores the original strength and hardness of the steel.

cold-forged steel


We hope you enjoyed our article. Cold forged steel processing is a relatively new process in the metal industry. It is typically used when making parts that need to be subjected to high concentrations of force, like automotive components or I-beams.

The main advantages of this technique are its ability to create complex shapes and its higher strength relative to other types of steel.

This type of forging creates long-lasting products with minimal waste material left over at the end of production. If you’re interested in learning more about how this process works, contact us today!

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