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How to check the accuracy of toshiba cnc parts?

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CNC machining is fast, but how to machine precisely

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When purchasing toshiba cnc parts equipment and during the operation of machines, the issue of the accuracy of manufacturing parts on the machine seems to be very important, and often, decisive when deciding on investments. Some believe that it is enough to check the equipment for accuracy using test mandrels, while others insist on making a sample part.

Machine precision - what is it

The accuracy of the machine is one of the determining factors, so let's dwell on it in more detail.

First, it is important to take into account the fact that when measuring the accuracy of the equipment, the temperature conditions in the room and the time during which the equipment must work before starting the test to measure the accuracy or machining the part must be observed.

The last procedure is important because during processing, the increase in temperature on individual components of the toshiba cnc parts is unevenly distributed over the "body" of the machine. It causes distortion in accuracy during operation, and it takes time for a stable reading of the accuracy when measured according to international standards.

Foundation and installation of cnc parts

Next, the foundation and correct leveling of equipment is an unconditional basis for the further operation of the equipment.

We will send you the necessary documents / drawing of the place for the installation of equipment in advance. If there is a need for installation on anchors / anchor bolts, we recommend using this option.

This does not affect the installation cost! But: the accuracy remains longer and the visit of a specialist to correct the accuracy is easy to carry out less often Two in one в.

Check the accuracy of CNC Parts

Equally important, this is checking the accuracy of the toshiba cnc parts equipment by means of test mandrels - an indispensable prelude to machining a test piece and measuring its accuracy.

Mandrels are used to detect the runout of rotating elements such as a spindle. The spindle bore is checked with a mandrel inserted into the spindle. The mandrel is rotated several times in half a circle, the runout is the difference between the maximum and minimum values.


How to check toshiba cnc parts?

The final conclusion about the accuracy of manufacturing toshiba cnc parts on metalworking equipment is made after processing the test part.

There are many tests, however, we recommend using the test of the international standard ISO 10791-7, which is recommended for 3-4-5 axis milling machining centers.

This test should not cause disputes between the Supplier and the Buyer and unambiguously confirms the compliance of the equipment with international accuracy standards. Part material: aluminum, tools and accessories must also comply with ISO standards.

Why we design cnc parts?

The test piece is good to check the processing accuracy and compliance with the drawing parameters. And it is also to test the functions of milling, boring, drilling, in addition, the functions of automatic tool change; coolant supply system, chip removal, automatic lubrication, spindle cooling system and others are tested.

Several ISO 13041-6 tests are mandatory for verifying the accuracy of the manufacture of a part on CNC lathes:

  • Linear interpolation
  • Circular interpolations
  • Radial interpolation and others

Test parts are designed to check the machining accuracy and compliance with the drawing parameters, and are also designed to check the turning functions, in addition, the functions of automatic tool change, coolant supply system, chip removal, automatic lubrication, spindle cooling system, part clamping in the chuck and others are checked.

After processing on the machine, the parts must undergo a control measurement on the CMM.

Considering the above, the execution of test parts is the best solution for the User in order to ensure the accuracy of the equipment when processing the part.


The modern toshiba cnc parts market for metal structures places ever higher demands on the accuracy of joining parts. It is impossible to solve this problem without attracting modern innovative technologies. The technology of laser cutting on machine tools with numerical control is widely used.

The combination of narrowly focused, powerful coherent radiation and precise positioning of the emitter and part, which is provided by a CNC machine, allows you to process material with a cut a few tenths of a millimeter wide.

Cutting goes out along the contour of any complexity and configuration. Not only flat surfaces is easy to process, but also products with a complex profile, which is ensured by three-dimensional cutting.

CNC allows for excellent accuracy and reduces the likelihood of human error (the so-called "human factor"), which virtually eliminates the possibility of marriage.


A distinction is made between solid state fiber optic and gas CO2 emitters. Both generate high power density monochromatic coherent radiation. The main difference is in the degree of focus.

The beam diameter of the fiber optic type is ten less than that of the gas type, due to the shorter radiation wavelength. Accordingly, a thinner cut and a faster processing speed are provided.

Cutting material with a thickness of more than 8 mm, a gas laser is good to move on. Moreover, it provides a better quality edge.

The solid-state toshiba cnc parts allow you to cut brass, silver, copper, which is not available for a CO2 cutter, moreover, it has a higher efficiency. Radiation is significantly less scattered in a fiber optic cable than in the sophisticated optics of a gas device.


The numerically controlled machine consists of the following units:

  • controller with a built-in control program;
  • laser emitter, either fiber optic or gas;
  • coordinate table for cutting;
  • positioning system with servo drives;
  • highways for supplying communications.

By selecting the type and power of the emitter, it is possible to cut any metal with a thickness of up to 30 mm, with the exception of those that have a high reflectivity.

Particularly noteworthy is the positioning system, which allows you to change the speed of passage, the angle of inclination of the emitter, and regulates the movement of the table. High precision ensures a perfect control program and quality servo drives. Everything happens automatically, without operator intervention.


CNC machines have a number of competitive advantages, such as:

  • high performance;
  • even and smooth edge that does not need finishing;
  • lack of temperature deformations due to a small light spot and local heating;
  • the possibility of full automation;
  • The ability to process a wide range of materials.

The advantages of laser cutting with toshiba cnc parts machines are especially vivid when fulfilling individual orders, where it is required to cut along an original contour with edges at a given angle.

The disadvantages include a decrease in productivity with a workpiece thickness of more than 20 mm. Through-burns occur, the formation of uneven edges. All of them are caused by incorrectly selected process parameters or equipment malfunction. Correctly selected power of the emitter, speed of passage excludes such flaws.

Products on CNC machines

The abbreviation CNC in the name of the equipment means "numerical control". This type of processing equipment is quite common in industries of various sizes. The CNC machine will be equally useful in large enterprises and small workshops.

This is a precise, reliable technique, with the help of which even the most delicate, filigree details is easy to cut as accurately as possible.

The use of processing toshiba cnc parts machines allows you to automate production, reduce the cost of hiring employees. One operator can look at several devices at once. At the same time, since all processes are automatic:

  • the cutting blade moves according to a given program
  • the probability of failure
  • rejection or damage to the material is practically zero
  • Cutting angle, pressure level, and other indicators will be identical.

All that is required from the master is to make sure that nothing extraordinary happens and to submit the material on time.

On machine tools with programmed control, you can produce goods for use in everyday life and various industries, production.

What is numerical control, how does it work at all?

In fact, this program is something like a drawing, but written in one of the programming languages. The program completely spelled out the entire path that the knife goes through.


If you do not make any edits to the program, all the blanks will turn out to be absolutely identical, no matter how large the circulation is. This is the main advantage of numerically controlled machines.

What other advantages do they have?

  • suitable for working with any tools, materials;
  • productivity is higher than that of manual production;
  • no need to spend a lot of money on maintenance;
  • reliable technology, rarely breaks down;
  • production automation costs quickly pay off;
  • the "human factor" is completely excluded.

Thanks to these advantages, one machine can easily replace a team of craftsmen who specialize in manual cutting of workpieces. Both in quality and in the speed of release of parts. The hand can tremble, but the knife or laser never.

Toshiba cnc parts machine capabilities

The presence of toshiba cnc parts in production gives practically unlimited possibilities. What operations we can perform on it:

  • Mill plastic, wood, polymer materials;
  • Perform spot welding according to a given pattern;
  • Carry out laser cutting or engraving on wood, plastic or metal;
  • Production of volumetric 3D blanks;
  • Cut large batches of identical parts.

Of course, only a machine tool is not enough here. You will need the right cutter for the material being cut, the software itself - it also differs depending on the material and the task.

What are the main features of CNC Machined Parts

Another feature of CNC machines is that they have no time limits. All equipment can work day and night, producing batches of identical parts. Of course, she also needs prevention, cleaning from dust, sawdust of the working surface itself and the knife, but this procedure does not take much time. You will also need:

  • lubricate equipment components;
  • examine it;
  • periodically carry out commissioning works;
  • change programs depending on the task.

The CNC operator can cope with this task, but if there is no such specialist in your production, you can train one of the employees in this work.

Areas of use

We have already figured out what are the advantages of a numerically controlled machine compared to manual production. What operation we can carry on it?:

  • parts made of chipboard, fiberboard or wood, processing of these materials;
  • POS advertising materials;
  • souvenir products;
  • decorative items for furniture and interiors;
  • collectible models;
  • Kids toys;
  • spare parts for transport or other mechanisms;
  • Printed circuit boards for the production of microcircuits.

Also, CNC machines are suitable for processing various metals, stone and other materials.

These are not all valid applications of numerical control technology. Its capabilities are limited by the terms of reference and equipment that is available in a specific production.


Programmable devices will come in handy in those firms that are engaged in the production of interior design for plastic cars.

On CNC equipment it is possible to produce:

  • lining for parprise;
  • panels for car interior trim;
  • doors;
  • enclosures for the installation of multimedia devices.toshiba cnc parts 2021

Parts are made on CNC machines not only for cars, but also for other vehicles:

  • buses;
  • trains;
  • aircraft;
  • yachts, etc.

Stone and metal processing

Working with a variety of natural minerals requires a lot of effort, there is a lot of waste and dust.

The CNC machine is able to replace a whole team of workers and cope with the task faster and with less resource costs. He will be able to process granite or marble without damaging it.

It's the same with metalworking. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are popular materials that are used in many areas.

What we can do CNC machine with metals?

  • Cutting by shape;
  • Spot welding;
  • Soldering parts;
  • Engraving;

These and other manipulations on an automated machine can be done much easier and faster than manually. Especially if you need a large batch of identical blanks.

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