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Do you Think Customed Aluminum Extrusion Is Not Affording?

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Aluminum extrusion helps manufacturers in achieving those target and successive manufacturing goals by offering benefits that seem just a hoax when using steel. Customed Aluminum extrusion seems a myth. Right? Steel is the most commonly used material for producing many parts and materials. The variety and abundance of steel in the market make steel to surpass aluminum in every way.

However, aluminum offers more benefits to the users and manufacturer in comparison to steel. It is a low weight metal that offers more strength and sustainability. The aluminum is rust and corrosion-free. The finish quality and low maintenance along with other feasibilities guarantee the manufacturer what steel is not capable of. Similarly, in terms of sustainability aluminum is leading the construction market.

customed aluminum extrusion

Nevertheless, with such an amazing and vast range of applications, aluminum to some seems an expansive business. This is because of the two-basic factor of lead time and additional costs in aluminum extrusion. However, with the help of robust planning signature design, enhanced function and great values are the true rewards.

Essential Considerations of Customized Aluminum Extrusion

In customed aluminum extrusion the foremost elements to consider are the growing concerns about feasibility and funding. This is the most imperative concern while manufacturing products using aluminum. The concerns appear when manufacturing a shape that thereby demands production according to per linear foot.

It also appears when deciding the final product according to the aluminum circle size. The criteria of these two elements, nevertheless, are not as complex as seem. This therefore in actuality a ratio between the size and thickness of aluminum.

The main budget concern in the process is the extensive cost of the extrusion die. The die alone costs thousands of dollars for a process. Nonetheless, the cost, in comparison to the entire aluminum production is no expansive. It thereby stands substantial in the aluminum architectural project.

Furthermore, the lead time required for manufacturing demands a total period of a month. This, eventually makes the customized extrusion a considerably affordable phenomenon. This period even includes the designing of a prototype as well as the required revision.

Consultation with an experienced extruder also thus helps in reducing the rising cost of tool uses for bending. Last, but not least is the minimum order factor. Most orders comprise a single item of 1000 to 2000 pounds each. Therefore, for prototyping, a minimum order factor must be negotiated to achieve maximum output.

Guideline for design in customed aluminum extrusion

The customed aluminum extrusion involves the manufacturing material from the scratch. This thereby is the most important and practical consideration. It nonetheless never involves choosing an off the shelf design. Extrusion here helps in the manufacturing of material keeping in the aesthetic, structure, and functional properties. The process therefore doesn’t cause any restriction of design. By this, we mean that any shape can be an achievable shape whether it is hollow or a solid one.

Selection of Alloy Material

For a customed aluminum extrusion, there are a variety of aluminum products in the market. These hence are available in alloys and tempers. Generally, for construction purposes, the 6XXX is a famous alloy. While there are other grades of alloy. Those that carry good strength as well as conduction properties. Nevertheless, 6XXX combines the best qualities for construction projects. The best choice of Alloy for manufacturing are 6050A, 6061, 6060, 6063. The first two grades ensure the good constructional qualities of the aluminum. Whilst the remaining two are beneficial when looking for outlook benefits.

This is the reason that 6063 and 6060 are good for providing extrudability and surface finish.  This, therefore, helps in manufacturing low weight parts for furniture, light fixtures as well as the entrance door. While using these alloys the properties of strength and tensile strength. The fine finishing properties thereby makes these alloy a good choice for paint products. The product that requires aesthetic and glossy finish as per requirement.

Nevertheless, the other two Alloys of 6061 and 6050A are a good variant for their high strength and low extrudability. The surface finish of these two types is lower than the former. This, therefore, labels these alloys a good choice for rough usage.

Designing a profile for customed aluminum extrusion

Here, in designing customed aluminum extrusion also, the expert view and guidelines of an expert extruder mean a lot. This is epically true for a person who is new to this business. It happens because a trivial difference from actual design leads the whole product towards a substantial difference. This is therefore true for strength, design, aesthetic and tensile strength as well. This eventually requires the ability to think out of the box. For this purpose, it is essential to look for Rectangular, L, C, I, and tabular.

However, in design extruder aluminum the design provides the freedom of thinking. This allows the metal to be placed exactly where it is required to be. This thus means that there is no need to reshapes those already prescribed L, C and I shapes. Similarly, simplicity is the key to success in designing. This asks for:

  • Symmetry must be in mind while designing.
  • The thickness of the wall should be uniform.
  • The tongue in the process should a wide and shallow to the maximum.
  • The radii and corner must be gentle.

This means that the design must be unique. Nonetheless, the uniqueness must not thus force it to be complex. This means that a simple, bold and eye-catching design can be a simple one.

Surface Specific Properties and Tolerance in Customed Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum standard and data instructs the required optimum standard tolerance. This is important because most of the extruders hold a tolerance that is much tighter than the required tolerance. Therefore, a discussion is a must factor for considering the available tensile material as well as the associated cost.

Structural consideration in customed aluminum extrusion

Structural designing of a material is an iterative process. This starts with its function and hence goes along with its forms, geometry, and the methods of its assembling. For this purpose, a design manual is a good place to start with. It thence provides all the required constructional details for the product. This includes codes, specifications, rules, and cautions as well.

Considering the Finishing in customed aluminum extrusion

The tenacious oxide film that forms on the surface of the aluminum hence provides the material property of resistance. For severe service conditions and required aesthetic requirements, this oxide film is essential. However, for the general-purpose, it is not necessary. For extra shine and finishing the recommended paints and powders do the task. Most of the extruders therefore either possess their painting and anodizing facility or they hire this service from others.

Eco-friendly and sustainability

The final consideration for extrusion is the ability to manufacture sustainable and eco-friendly materials. This means the item must be capable of getting a recycled finish. Therefore, aluminum is affordable in the sense that it is a recyclable product. This thereby is prone to retain its properties as well as functionality. This thus allows the manufacturers to compete and gain more profit. This is because a recycled aluminum hence requires only 8 percent of the energy in reusing it. Nevertheless, in comparison to primary or new production, it is a more sustainable and affordable solution. A near survey suggests that in America alone almost 55% of the aluminum used was recycled. These are the statistics from 2015. This makes almost $3.75 billion of 55%.

Final thoughts

As customers are demanding efficiency and perfection. Eventually, consideration of some pinpoints that we just discussed can lead the unit to achieve remarkable growth. These are the few points that are usually taken for granted. Manufacturers who are following the codes and regulations are easily achieving their growth, efficiency, and speedy production. This thereby makes the customed aluminum extrusion an affordable practice.

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