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Complete guide on Router DIY CNC parts

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Everything To Know About DIY CNC Parts

As technology and computer upgraded over the years, a new high precision computer-controlled manufacturing technique called CNC machining has developed. "Computer numerical controlled'' is abbreviated as a CNC machine used by machinists and engineers to cut the wooden material and manufacture new things. Here you can learn about DIY CNC Parts.

Through this machine, rigid material is cut to design new things creatively.

There are two ways engineers or makers can generate the products through computer designed file. The one is CNC machining, and the other one is computer 3d printing, additive manufacturing.

The contrast between these two is that CNC machining's process is a subtractive process, where the material is subtracted or removed from the object, and something new is created.

Whereas, 3d printing is another process where something is not detached but added to design new things.

Types of CNC Machines

CNC Laser cutting machines, the name suggests, the laser is used for the cutting process and the instruction fed into the machine, and it runs automatically on the surface of the object. It gives a smooth and neat cutting, but it is costly.

CNC milling Machine

 This machine is used to cut metals, and it has a sharp high-speed rotating cutter. This machine is used in large industries.

CNC lathe machine

 CNC lathe machine is used for complex and twisted cutting where high swiftness is required. It works similarly to a milling device.


CNC ROUTER machine

This machine works the same as lathe and milling machines do. CNC Router machine is used by carpenters for cutting wood, for carvings doors, frames, panels, signboards, decoration pieces, etc., for interior and exterior adornment.


So, let's come to the main topic, "CNC Router DIY machine parts," and discuss this machine in detail.

Let’s have a look at DIY CNC Parts. The CNC Router DIY Machine has the following four parts:

  1. frame
  2. table
  3. spindle, and
  4. CNC controller.

Here is the complete guide about the list of the features of Router DIY CNC Parts

DIY CNC Parts:


The frame of the CNC router machine clutches all the other parts of a machine and gives the machine firmness to work and move properly on the objects.

For a frame to make, there is a list of features two linear rails for each axis with two carriages each, screws,

stepper motors, the motor couplers and the motor drivers, two drag chains, a couple of switches and limit switches, a dc power supply, a router, and many more screws and cables.

They commonly use wood to make the DIY CNC machine frames, but one can use other common materials like aluminum, steel, brass, plastic, and copper


CNC router table dimensions can differ. The table is the CNC's surface, and it is made of steel rails to give rigidity. The first layer will be of hard plastic or plywood; then, some steel rails will provide toughness to the table and fasten this with screw nuts and bolts.

It is important to note that the rails on the mounted table should be made a flat surface because if this surface sag, the gantry will follow this sag, and if these rails are not mounted on the table, then you will face some inconsistency in your work.


The spindle is the fundamental part of the CNC machine. Some spindle works electrically, and some use power from the compressed air. Spindles are available in different sizes. It can vary according to the size of your device.

Hobbyists mostly use CNC routers to make art and create something new. Even some factories use them to manufactures thousands of things. So, routers for the factory will be huge. The spindle kit consists of a spindle, spindle motors, a taper for holding tools, and a shaft that clutches all the remaining parts.

The spindle motor rotates the spindle on the axis. This spindle motor receives instruction from the CNC controller.

Dust extractor

As DIY CNC router used to cut hard materials it is obvious thing that it will produce a lot of dust. So, to clean dust and even protect yourself from dust while breathing is necessary.

It can even harm your lungs and also your machine tools. So, for the CNC router better working and also for your health, a dust extractor device is one of the important parts of DIY CNC parts. You can attach this device to your CNC router and this will even collect small particles of dust.

Dust of wood is also dangerous as this is flammable and so to avoid this dangerous aspect, a dust collector is crucial.

So, in this article, there is a brief overview of CNC machine and their types and how they work and complete guidance on Router DIY CNC parts. These are a necessary guide for those who want to use and explore this machine.


This CNC machine has three axes. These axes regulate that what type of movement this machine can make. If the device moves X-axis, it will leave its rotation left to right, and if the engine drives the y-axis, its process will be front to back on the surface of the table. Z-axis determines up and down movement.

CNC Router machines commonly moved on the x and y-axis. Some CNC machines have five axes (x, y, z, a, b, c) x, y, z rotation. We did mention them above while a-axis has 180-degree rotation around x-axis, b-axis has 180-degree rotation around the y-axis.

CNC controller

CNC router controller is the electrical unit that carries out the G code programming and gives electrical signs to motors to rotate on the surface.

The CNC machine works under G code. The G stands for Geometric. The great thing about G code is that we don't have to learn how to write it; the software does this for us.

G code tells the how-to machine move on object correctly and cuts the parts desirably.

The controller can break down the basic workflow required to run these into three main sections: Cad>CAM>CNC>. The process of the CNC router begins with a CAD program. The cad software allows the user to make their design.

Then this design will convert into G code by the CAM program. The CAM software will take the CAD file and will generate the G coding. The CNC software will move the machine according to the G coding.


1.       Can I build my own CNC machine?

Yes, you can by purchasing a CNC kit. You just have to put the parts together and it is very convenient also.

2.       Which are best CNC machine brands?

The best CNC machine brands are;

  1. DMG Mori
  2. MAZAK
  3. Doosan
  4. Okuma
  5. Haas
  6. Starrag
  7. Liechti
  8. Willemen Macodel
  9. Hermle
  10. Alzmetall
3.       Why is CNC machine so expensive?

The CNC machine is expensive because of expensive tools.

4.       Which is the best CNC machine for beginners?

The top 3 CNC machine for beginners are:

  • Pocket NC
  • Maslow CNC
  • Carbid 3D Nomad 883 Pro

This was all on DIY CNC parts, the article contains the content for you to explore and learn about the diy CNC parts. We hope this information will aid you in purchasing DIY CNC Router as needed.

Take Away on DIY CNC Parts

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