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Are you a Newbie? Give it a Read to Know about CNC Machining Part Manufacturer

This Article is especially for those who are a newbie into the Custom CNC Parts industry. This Article is a full package for those who want to know everything about CNC Machining Part Manufacturer. So if you want to know more deeply about CNC Machined Components Parts Micro India Pune Maharashtra at one place then this Article is for you.

First of all we are going to put shed over the history of CNC machining in order to get you aware with the basics so give it a read and clear your concepts.

CNC Machining Part Manufacturer

What are CNC Machines?

They are actually electro mechanical devices that play an important role in operating machine shop tools by making use of different algorithms and computer based programs.

Two Standard Methods of CNC Machines

The full form of CNC is Computer Numerical Control. In order to produce prototypes from software they make use of two types first one is 3D printing like SLS, SLM and second one is FDM.

Such machines are used by engineers and prototyping companies; they make use of it in order to process wood, plastic metals and much more.

Hope now things are pretty much clear for you, now we are moving towards the History of CNC Turning Parts history. Explaining its history is very necessary because it will help you to know more briefly about it.

History of CNC Machines

The very first CNC machine comes into being in 1940s and further depended upon the Punched Tape. Punched Tape technology was very complicated because first it transitioned the data to analog and then it sent data for digital computer process so whole process takes a lot of time and energy.

There were no change up to 1960s but after that with each passing day technology were growing more and becoming advance then digital processing power comes into being which was more advance and improvised version of processing data. Day by day CNC machines was improving itself by increasing their efficiency.

So this was the history of CNC machines, now have a look upon how CNC machines actually works.

Working Principle of CNC Machining

Do you want to know how exactly CNC machines works in order to produce CNC Steel parts? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Engineers make use of CNC machines in order to transform block of plastics, metals or wood. They finish the product by making use of controlled material removal process. This method is as same as other prototyping technologies for example FDM it is 3D printing process.

CNC actually depends on the algorithms generated from CAM or CAD. The full form of CAM is Computer-Aided Manufacturing and the full form of CAD is Computer-Aided Design.

Few people thinks that CAM or CAD is responsible for running CNC machines itself but they are mistaken, these two just provide a clear direction to CNC and then CNC further fabricate the actual design.

CNC machine interrupts the design upon getting instruction in order to cut prototype parts.

Day by day computer devices that controls machine has been advance and now making the highly intensive and technical process easy. Now because of these automatic cuts accuracy and speed has been increased very much and has made the process very reliable. By making use of automated cuts especially for cutting critical propylene is been easier.

Common Machine VS CNC Machines

If you explore the common machines then you will get to know that by making them use you have to pass your data from different tools in order to cut a desired shape but when it comes to CNC machining it combines all the tools in a single unit and let the machine allow drawing the desired cut. In such a way CNC machining saves time, effort and increase reliability without generating any error. While other machines are time consuming and accuracy can be compromised also.

Basic machines are designed in such a way that they operate itself in just one or two axis but the advance machines has caliber to move itself in X, Y and Z axis.

Not only that, advance machines can even rotate about one or more axis. Well! When it comes to multi axis or advance machine they have capability to flip the parts automatically. This part is very advance and even allows the designer to remove the part that was previously underneath.

Because of this feature designer don’t have to put effort to flip the stock and you will be allowed to cut all the sides without manual help. These features will not only saves time but will save your designers effort also. If you make use of automation for all cuts then accuracy will be 100%. But if the finishing work is like itching than you would better to do it by hands but if the process is highly extensive then leave it to the automation machines for 100% accuracy.

Types of CNC Machines that you may have not known

There are different types of CNC machines so before adding in to your account first you have to look into little consideration that will help you in taking a good decision.

When it comes to CNC machining then we must tell you that it have two categories, first one is Conventional Machining Technology and other one is Novel machining technology.

As we all knows that everything comes up with few advantages as well as disadvantages so this is the same case these types.

So before making selection of any of the category we want you to first look into their factors. Here we are going to put shed over the similarities and differences among Conventional and Novel Machining.

CNC Machining Part

Conventional vs. Novel Machining – What is the Main Difference?


  • Both work under the guidance of computer.
  • They comes up with accurate result and more precise as compared to manual machining.
  • Last but the most important both has capability to mass prototype machine parts.


  • The very first difference is that Novel machines are more specialized as compared to conventional one.
  • Has capability to utilize different channels for cutting.

So these were the few similarities and differences that you may have not known; now you can choose the one according to your needs. Now have a look with us on Conventional Technologies.

Conventional Technologies


Drill actually plays an important role in making the accurate holes. Using it is very simple simply spin a drill or move a bit and put it into contact with the stock and keep drilling until you reach your goal.


Lathes is a completely different technology as compared to drills, here you have to spin the block of material opposite to drill.

It play an important role in making contact with the material and keep moving the tool until it touches the spinning material. Designer commonly make use of lathes for materials like wood and metals. It is perfect in order to remove unwanted material you can make use of in order to produce a beautiful and more essential component.

Milling Machines

You must have heard about it because it is one of the most common types of CNC machine. This type actually works by making use of rotary cutting tool in order to wipe the excessive material from stock. It is more essential because it has a capability to perform drilling, boring and cutting. You can even generate slots within a material. Is not it amazing? Obviously it is, because you can take lot of work from a single machine.

Novel Technologies

Now have a look with us on the novel technologies.

Electrical Machining

Well! Novel technology comes up with a variety of technologies that can cut material in different sizes and shapes by making use of variety of techniques.

Here we are going to give you a few examples for better understanding, Electron beam, electrochemical, Electrical discharge (it is also known as EDM and photochemical machining. It also includes ultrasonic machining.

Well! Few of them are extremely extra ordinary and only come in use for special mass production.

Other Cutting Mediums

Novel technologies have variety of other types that plays an important role in cutting stock by making use of different channels. Here we are going to give you a few examples that you may have not known before, it includes cutting machines, oxy-fuel cutting machines and plasma cutting machines. Sometimes it also includes water jet cutting technology.

These machines have been very popular among other industries because they come up with huge advantages.

CNC machining plays an important role in Rapid Prototyping

CNC machines proof itself amazing for Rapid prototyping. Well in the start when punched tape technology and computer numerical control comes into being, all the parts were machined manually by hands. Because of lot of products there were 50% possibilities of errors in almost every product especially when machines were in use for larger scale manufacturing.

In order to reduce errors CNC machining comes into being and had completely revolutionized the manufacturing world.

Now you can prototype variety of stocks, materials and machines because it comes up with unbelievable precision level. You will not see a single error while implementing this machining.

It also plays an important role in Manufacturing

Besides Rapid Prototyping novel CNC machining offers huge benefits to niche manufacturing process. Here is a first example of electrochemical machining which plays an important role in cutting extremely durable metal stocks.

When it comes to conventional machining, they are good for prototype development as compared to manufacturing.

Mostly people comes up with a frequently asked question that which technology is better and highly benefited, CNC machining or 3D machining so we thought to answer it in today’s Article. Give it a read and knows about the difference b/w both of them.

Which one to Choose CNC or 3D Printing?

To be honest, betterment actually depends upon the selection of material, complexity of the components and economic factors.

If you have a look upon 3D printing technology then you will get to know that such machines build parts from the bottom up. Example of 3D printing technology is FDM machines.

They have a capability to come up with any desired shape quickly as compared to CNC machine. This technology is more reliable, flexible and comes up with more creativity. You could not get all these benefits from CNC conventional technology.

In short conventional means have few limitations of tools and even limited to axis of rotation. But still it is being used by lot of industries.

If you compare FDM with CNC machining then you will get to know that FDM prototyping comes up with lot of limitations. For 3D printing you have to provide specific material in FDM but CNC machining can generate variety of CNC Table Parts by making use of variety of materials.

Here is a quick example for better understanding, if you are looking for living hinge prototype then we recommend you to try poly propylene and CNC.

Advantages of CNC machining

When it comes to perfection then no one can compete the machines, those days are gone now when machinist were responsible for making parts now in order to generate the same product with high volume for high precision computerized machine like CNC has replaced their place. Though machinist are still needed for some small projects but more work load has been transferred to CNC machines.

Computer Numerical Controlled machining actually come into being in order to reduce the work load and for achieving the higher precision.

CNC works by preprogrammed tool in order to control machines. It is simply amazing because it can easily control the complex process.

You can make use of Computer Numerical Controlled machining for grinding, routing, milling, punching, turning and lathing.

Let’s have a look into its advantages that you may have not known.

Non Stop Work or Usage

The very first advantage of this technology is that  you can take work from this machining for a longer period of time without taking any break but make sure that machine don’t require any maintenance work or has been stuck with any malfunction or error. If it’s perfect to work then use it as much as you can, it will never disappoint you at all.

Even after a longer work period it will work more efficiently than before. Is not it amazing? Human can work for just 8 hours but you can take longer work from them, it will even increase your revenue and there will be no more need of manual labor.

Consistency, Accuracy and Redundancy

It always comes up with accurate results; precision is always 100% and the final results will be free of errors. You just need to provide the product to the software for designing CNC machining will perfectly replicate it and comes up with exact product design.

There will be not a single error or mismatch because it will be done by a preprogrammed tool not by a labor. If you take work from labor then there is 50% possibility of errors because human mind cannot work for longer.

Lesser Needs

Best thing about it is that CNC machining interface is very user-friendly, you don’t need to be perfectly trained in order to operate it perfectly just a single guide will clear all your concepts. On the other hand manual machines operators have to be perfectly trained for operation. So CNC Machining is far better than manual one.

Few Helpers

CNC Machining has reduced the maintenance cost, and has cut the overall expenses because software’s were controlling the all machinery now there will be no need to hire a technicians for looking into it on weekly intervals.

More Flexible

CNC machining is highly flexible because you can easily reprogram the tool in a shorter period of time in order to generate different parts. This is perfect because now you can easily fulfill customer demands anytime anywhere.

Highly Capable

CNC machining is highly capable because it use computer precision just to ACHIEVE the capabilities that usually limited by Manual machines. If you know that the process is going to be complex then make use of CNC machining, it is especially comes in to being in order to handle highly volume complex process.


Well every technology comes up with few advantages as well as disadvantages so let’s have a look to its disadvantages.


When it comes to CNC machining then your pocket must be budget friendly because in order to access this machine you have to a huge investment as compared to manual machines. After spending money then you can take lot of benefits from it. But in the start it will be very expensive. But with each passing day this technology is getting more famous day by day and its supply is also been increasing among other industries so its cost is slowing decreasing with time.

Though it is expensive in the start but you can generate more revenue from it and can get back all your investment so doesn’t worry about money waste. Its future is also bright because it is getting dominating over all the machines so this is going to be a worthy investment of yours.

Skills loss

Well it’s a huge disadvantage because with each passing day demand of manual machine operator is decreasing so all those workers that were skilled into manual machine operation has lost all that knowledge.

Even in the future if the CNC machines will be like that then there might be possibility of complete knowledge loss.


Well because of machines and automated technology man’s power has been almost zero. There are no more needs of more labours. Now all the work is going to handle by mechanical or software engineers so this is not a good thing because automation has increased the unemployment.

If you read the advantages and disadvantages carefully then you will notice that pros of CNC machining far outweigh its cons.  Well we have to accept the new challenges in order to get fit into the new technology.

It will be good if you accept it earlier because 3D printing and automation will replace all the technologies soon because of their higher benefits.

So this was the advantages and disadvantages of CNC machining hope everything is getting clear for you slowly. Keep continue to read because this Article is a full package we have shared almost everything in this Article so you did not need to visit any other place in order to read more about it. You will find everything related to DIY CNC Parts in a single Article.

Which Material is used by CNC machining?

Well! Any material is allowed for CNC machines usually it relies on the application. CNC machining comes up with huge benefits and offers a huge versatility to every product.

Here we are going to mention the names of common materials used by CNC machining DIY CNC Router Parts are aluminum, brass, copper, steel, titanium. Few designers also make use of wood, foam and fiberglass. You can also make use of plastic like polypropylene but it needs a very extensive process to process.

Here we are going to explain briefly about Aluminum. Have a look onto it.

CNC Part Manufacturer



Aluminum is well known because of its strength to weight ratio, best thing about this element is that it is highly resistant to corrosion this is why it is the commonly used material. CNC Milling Parts Manufacturers also prefer it because it comes up with good thermal and electrical conductivity.

Have a look with us into few of its amazing types that you may have not known, going through these types will help you in making decision in choosing the right type as a material.

Aluminum 6061-T6:

Well this one is the commonly used material; T6 associated with it actually plays an important role in providing strong strength 276Mpa. It commonly used in general applications.

Aluminum 7075:

This type has strength of 572Mpa, almost like steel. This one is commonly used by those applications that required a high stress. But it has one downside also; it is a bit expensive so every CNC Milling Parts Manufacturers don’t approach it.

You will get to see its usage in automation, aerospace and medical electronics.

Aluminum 2024 – T3:

Well it is a 2000 series alloy and comes up with tensile strength up to 400 – 430 Mpa. When it comes to yield strength it comes up to 270 – 280 Mpa.

You will get to see its usage in automation, aerospace and medical electronics.

Aluminum 5052:

Well! At 117Mpa, the strength of this is higher as compared to other aluminum alloys. Best thing about this alloy is that it comes up with resistant to sea water and salt. Is not it amazing? Obviously it is.

You will get to see its usage in automation, aerospace and medical electronics.

Aluminum MIC-6:

It is almost same as 7000 series of aluminum alloy. It is like a cast play material, you can make use of it in tooling as well as base plating.

You will get to see its usage in automation, aerospace and electronics gear.

Brass, Bronze & Copper


Its main properties are that it is soft and comes up with highly thermal conductivity. Few people usually ask that what is the connection of brass and bronze with copper, they both are alloy to copper.

Brass is actually a combo of zinc and copper and Bronze is a combo of tin and copper. In short Brass is known by its high strength whereas bronze comes up with low friction properties and highly resist to corrosion.

CNC Machining Part Manufacturer usually chooses them because they come up with aesthetic look. Let’s have a look below in order to know deeply about copper alloys.

Brass C360

This alloy is the best because it is highly machinable as compared to other alloys, CNC Machining Part Manufacturer prefer it because it is very cheap as compared to other brass alloys. You can make use of it in commercial as well as industrial purpose.

Brass 260

It is one of the most ductile alloys for taking advantage from this alloy you have to use it in a greater amount. You can make use of it in commercial as well as industrial purpose.

C932 MO7 Bearing Bronze

CNC Machining Part Manufacturer usually uses it for those applications that are lightweight. You can make use of it for general purpose. You can machine it very easily as compared to other alloys and has corrosion resistant properties also.

ETP Copper C110

Well this alloy is popular because of high electrical conductivity as compared to other alloys. It comes up with 100% IACS for almost all metal except silver, for silver it comes up 105%.

You can make use of it for buildings, electric and medical equipment.

Copper 101

WELL! Copper 101usually took as a bass material not only for brass but bronze also. Its best part is that it comes up with high ductility round about 6% to 49% elongation.

You will get to see its usage in electronics, automotive and commercial sectors.



You will get to see huge variety of Fresadora CNC Parts in steel. You can have access to stainless, alloy, tools and much more varieties. If we come up with an honest review then we must tell you that steel is extra ordinary because of having mechanical properties and you can easily machine it with in a short span of time. Let’s have a look to its famous alloys that you may have not known.

Steel 1018

This steel has low carbon and ductile, it is perfect for forming as well as welding. You will get to see its usage in screws, gears and nuts.


If you are looking for cheap steel then it should be your choice. It contains amazing mechanical properties and comes up with tensile strength up to 450 – 550 MPA along twenty % elongation at break. It is most commonly alloy used by CNC Motorcycle Parts UK.

You will get to see its usage in gears and construction sectors.

Alloy Steel 4130

It comes up with high strength at 670 Mpa, toughness at 435 Mpa. This steel is more versatile as compared to other alloys.

You will get to see its usage in aerospace, oil and gas, automotive sectors.

Stainless Steel 304

It is commonly used by CNC Part Programming PPT. It is popular because of base qualities of steel. You can make use of it and can take advantage from is highly resistant corrosion quality.

We did not recommend this steel for welding purpose so doesn’t make use of it for those products that you think will require welding in future.

You will get to see its usage in food, screws and automotive sectors.

Stainless steel 17-4

Last but the most important steel because of its mechanical properties high strength you can treat it more upon heat treatment. Even if you supply 600 Fahrenheit to it because of good mechanical properties it will work better and perfect for those where environments are demanding. Seasonal changes does not effect on it.

You will get to see its usage in Nuclear, marine, food, and medical sectors.



Titanium is heavier as compared to aluminum but lighter than steel. CNC Router Parts Kits manufacturer prefer it because of its weight to strength ratio. It is very hard because of hardness it is not suitable for machine.

Titanium Grade 2

It comes up with high strength and exceptional corrosion resistance. CNC Router Parts Kits manufacturer makes use of it for heat exchanger.

You will get to see its usage in aerospace, automotive and chemical sectors.

Titanium 6AI – 4V

It is one of the most common used alloy, it plays a best role at low density and comes up with amazing corrosion resistance.

You will get to see its usage in aerospace, medical, marine and gas sectors.



Well! Zinc is not suitable for CNC Milling Parts Manufacturers because it has very brittle properties, it is easy to work in few situation otherwise it is useless. Let’s have a look to one of its alloy.

Zinc Sheet Alloy 500

It is amazing because of having amazing electrical conductivity and comes up with high resistance to corrosion.

You will get to see its usage in construction sector.



Well! Its usage for CNC Milling Parts Manufacturers is beneficial because of light weight and high strength. We will definitely say it a versatile, its usage is so wide, and you will get to see its wide usage among other industries.


This is a commonly used plastic and contains electrical insulation properties; it is famous because of low price and light weight.

You will get to see its usage in medical, automotive and electronics sector.


If you are looking for plastic that is easy to work with machine then you are at the right place. It is popular because of amazing stiffness and low friction. Not only that, it has amazing resistance to moisture. You will not find this quality in any other plastic type.

You will get to see its usage in general, gears, electronics, medical and construction sector.

Nylon 6/6

This nylon is common because of its excellent mechanical strength; best thing about this nylon is that it brings rigidity and amazing stability upon high heat and chemical exposure.

You will get to see its usage in general, gears, automotive, gear and pipes sector.


This plastic is perfect for those situations where main needs are mechanical needs. You will get to see its usage in medical, automotive, aerospace and electronics sector.


It has been commonly known as a PC, famous because of optical properties.  It comes up with a long life span, very light weight. Best thing about it is that it is enough strong to work with machine. Better than other types because of high resistance.

You will get to see its usage in general, electronics, automotive, gear and pipes sector.

Are you looking for a quality design for CNC Router Parts 4*8 Pro Kit? If yes then you are at the right place, we are going to introduce amazing points that will help you in generating a quality design.

How to get the Quality Design?

CNC Machining Part Manufacturer must follow these points in order to maintain the quality of design. CNC Machining Part Manufacturer makes use of CNC machine in order to produce simple parts with tight tolerance, amazing mechanical properties.

If you want to achieve the most amazing results then you must have to consider the below factors these will definitely going to help you in making the quality design.

But always keep in your mind that there might be a possibility that your decision will change according to different technology for example on the behalf of 3 axis, 4 axis or 5 axis.

But here are the few main questions that before starting the designing process you must have to consider.

What should be the size and drill for quality design?

Check out the tool features; is the tool eligible for achieving your desired results?

Make sure that how much heat is going to affect the product?

Is it making more vibrations?

These questions are really important in order to produce a quality design. If you are satisfied with these questions then go ahead without design issues.

Amazing Rules to Follow for CNC machining

All CNC Milling Parts Manufacturers should follow up these rules for 100% precision. If you explore the drills then you will get to know that 90% drills comes up in cylindrical shape, so if you are going to make any internal cut then that will be a corner edge which is known as fillets.

 So here we are going to give a tip for good fillets, if you are about to design a product that you think has internal fillet then do is more bigger because bigger is more essential. So follow this rule for achieving good designs.

Don’t make use of 1mm radius try to use 1.25mmfor cutting purpose. We will recommend you to make use of different wall and floor radius this way you can make use of same tool in whole designing.

Another thing that you have to keep in your mind that always keep account for a radius more than one third the depth of cavity especially while inserting internal edges.

Undercut for Right angles

If you want to generate correct angles in a CNC machine parts then you would better to make addition of undercuts in the design. Don't try to  reduce the radius of edges for producing same results otherwise you will unable to create right angles and design will be affected.

If you want to prevent the addition of custom tooling then we recommend you to design the undercut with dimension up to 3mm to 40mm wide. It would be also good if you keep the undercuts shallow.

Fillets Gives you Cavities

We will recommend you to keep the pocket depth up to 3 – 4 times the tool diameter. If any tool has 6 times deeper diameter then you would better to find another tool for yourself. Otherwise there may be possibility to sacrifice on the radius of corners.

Tall and Features

Besides depth of cavities height of tall features also important, make sure to keep it up to four times of features width.

If you keep the feature taller then there will be possibility to compromise on the machine precision.

Don’t go with Thin Walls

This one is a most important rule to follow, try to have thicker walls while making product design. If you mistakenly keep the walls tall then vibration will be more and it can affect the precision level.

Another thing that you have to keep in your mind while machining plastic you must have to consider heat.

Follow standard during making holes

Last but one of the most important rules to follow for quality design. In CNC milling there are two types of holes, first one is blind hole and other one is through hole.

It’s not necessary; you can choose any of your choice just make sure the depth and diameter is same.

Normally CNC Milling Parts Manufacturer create a hole depth equal to ten times as compared to normal diameter.

Also make sure to follow the standards while making threads. It is very important to keep the thread larger because it is easy to machine. Try to keep the length of thread maximum of three times as compared to normal diameter.

Role of CNC machining for electronics

If you research then you will get to know that almost 80% electronic devices come into being with the help of CNC machining.

Here we are going to give you examples for better understanding, like smartphones, laptops, PCBs.

In case of PCBs CNC machining is more beneficial because there will no need of chemicals in their process. All those MAC users interact with CNC milling on daily basis.

Future of CNC machining

Well! CNC machining is going to have a very bright future; because of CNC machining industrial manufacturing has been completely changed. CNC is famous because of high precision and automation; it has brought reliability and error free results in CNC product manufacturer’s life.

You can have an idea of its future by assuming that what can be design today as compared to past years and can imagine what will be its future.

Few people usually comes up with a question that will CNC have a bright future or not? So we thought to answer it here.

Many experts say that all the programs oriented fields going to have a very bright future.

Well in the past 3D printing was nothing but a thought but now it has completely replaced the traditional ways.

3D material has made its position strong for building layers of materials in order to generate objects.

Now you can see that the usage of 3D printer is increasing with each passing day. Now you can see the presence of 3D printer in almost every single home. Its price are also reasonable, everyone can easily afford it this is why it is getting more popular.

With each passing day CNC prices are began to drop and it has become easier to use it without implementing any rocket science.


As we know technology is becoming advance day by day but still it has a very bright future. Smaller devices of CNC are continually growing and also affordable to access.

The short conclusion of this Article is that we have shared almost everything about CNC Machining from its history to pros, cons, quality design, future; you will get to know everything about CNC just in a single Article. If you are looking for CNC Turning Parts Online then you are at the right place. We are going to reveal the name of most reputable and award winning CNC Milling Parts Manufacturers so continue to read and get to know about them.

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