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What's laser engraving and how does it work?

Laser engraving is a process that vaporizes materials into fumes to engrave permanent, deep marks. The laser beam acts as a chisel, incising marks by removing layers from the surface of the material. The laser hits localized areas with massive levels of energy to generate the high heat required for vaporization.

Once the basic laser engraving methods are understood, a job or layout must be developed. The basic concepts of design layout are the same for manual or computerized engraving systems. In both cases some amount of planning for the layout's final appearance is necessary. In computerized design, the operator is assisted by the software and has graphics or fonts to help achieve the final look. The first step in the computerized engraving process is to create or obtain the individual design elements to be used in your job or layout. The elements you put into your engraving software (such as company logos, production date,creative borders etc.) can affect the appearance of your work, and can add a great deal of appeal.

Choose Laser Engraving or Laser Etching ?

Laser engraving technology is typically used to engrave metal workpieces that will be exposed to various types of wear or surface treatments. Metal engraving works with steel and aluminum (including anodized and die-casting aluminum).

The most outstanding feature of this process is its ability to engrave 2D codes that keep high readability rates after post-process treatments. Those treatments can include shot blasting, e-coating and heat treatments, addressing the most complex traceability issues.

But if engraving the most resistant identifiers isn't needed, laser etching is generally preferred because it's a high-speed method that doesn't rely as heavily on ablation.

You can laser etch a wider variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum, lead, magnesium, and zinc.

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