CNC Turning Service in China


What Makes our CNC Turning Service the Best?

Types of CNC turning centers

At Best Precision, we strive to offer the best CNC turning service to our customers. There are two types of CNC turning centers: horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal turning centers are the most common.  Vertical turning centers are typically called vertical turret lathe or VTL.  With a horizontal turning center, spindle is horizontally oriented, and tools are mounted out of the tool sideholder and cut across the workpiece.  With this turning center, gravity pulls the chips away from the workpiece.

The CNC vertical turning center is virtually the same as the horizontal turning center. Still, it is upended, allowing the headstock to sit on the floor and the faceplate to become a horizontal rotating table. This is beneficial for machining large, heavy, and short workpieces.  In this case, gravity contributes to seating the workpiece into the work holding.  However, chips may become a problem as gravity does not necessarily help chip evacuation from the workpiece.  An inverted vertical turning center is like those mentioned above but reverses the spindle and jaw chuck position.


How to choose the best CNC turning service

If you’re not familiar with the process, CNC turning service and CNC milling service may seem precisely the same. After all, they appear to be very similar processes and achieve similar results.

However, understanding the difference between CNC turning and milling will enable you to decide which method best fits the requirements of your project – potentially saving you a lot of time and money.


The short answer is that: Turning rotates the workpiece against a cutting tool. It uses primarily round bar stock for machining components.

Milling spins the cutting tool against a stationary workpiece. It uses primarily square or rectangular bar stock to produce components.

We have more than 15 years of experience offering CNC turning service, so we make the best choice between the CNC milling and turning processes to give you the best offer.


Why Choose Best Precision for CMC turning service?

    • We have a fast response rate. Within moments of receiving an email, and quotations are sent within a day.
    • We have our design and development team.
    • Our strong quality control system ensures the best quality of our products.
    • We offer competitive prices, lower than our competitors.
    • We send samples on request.All samples have gone through quality inspection.
    • We provide OEM/ODM services for all kinds of customers.
    • We deliver goodson time and cooperate with our customers during shipping sincerely.
    • We take strong pride in that at least 96% of our customers have been with us since we started until today.


What are the Capabilities of Our CNC Turning Service?

  • +/- 0.0003-inch tolerance: Typical tolerances but vary depending on the size and type of material.
  • Field tools: Perform up to 12 different CNC milling operations on the lathe.
  • Y-axis milling operation: The scope of auxiliary operations has been expanded to include simultaneous 5-axis milling/turning.
  • All metals/alloys: Turning or processing all metals and certain types of plastics.
  • Multi-spindle: Rotate/mill the entire part in one setup while maintaining feature relationships.
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