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Who We Are

Best Precision Technology Co., Ltd is a professional custom precision metal parts manufacturer specializing in design, manufacture, assembly, sale and service in a body. With over 10 years development and improvement, we achieve to open our second factory branch (DONGGUAN DEJILONG PRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD) .

Equiped with advanced, high efficiency and high standard Japan and Taiwan brand machines, including kinds of CNC milling machines and turning machines, lathe machines, milling machines, surface grinder, internal and plain grinder, WEDMLS, WEDMHS, etc. Relevant inspection equipment are also fully equipped. Parts with tolerance ups to ±0.002mm can be supported.

Professional in providing high precision turning and milling parts, rivets fasteners, and inserts for communication accessories, auto parts, sports equipment, lighting accessories, optical instruments, medical equipment, furniture parts, etc.

☆ Our  Quality Policy:
☆ Our Quality Objective:
              The Production Reached Rate: 100%
              Customer acceptance of the first passing rate: 100%
              Customer Satisfaction Rate: 90%

Your success is our success. When you share your goals with us, we become your partner to achieve them.

Best Services for You

Best Precision is able to make plastic mould types ranging from basic injection moulds to complex family moulds and overmoulds.


Mission & Vision & Values


Manufacture high quality tools to meet and exceed our customers’ expectation while building a professional and innovative company that is always ready to adapt to the constant market changes and challenges.


To be the preferred supplier of plastic injection moulds and plastic injected parts to customers worldwide.


Integrity: Through transparency, we build a strong, trusting relationship with its employees, stakeholders, and customers.

Respect: By building a strong, trusting relationship with employees, stakeholders, and customers, we retain customers and employees.

Innovation: We focus on being ahead of their competitors and introducing new ideas to introduce new products and methods that consumers appreciate.


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Contact Us: +86-755-21674482

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