Dan Nelson, Vice President – Sales, takes you on a 7-minute video tour of Ultra Tool & Mfg’s facilities. Ultra Tool is a metal stamping, metal fabrication and contract tooling company located in Menomonee Falls, WI.

Metal Stamping
Ultra Tool’s clean, professional, well-organized plant follows 5S lean initiatives. Our metal stamping equipment includes 10 metal stamping machines ranging from 45 to 400 ton. Ultra Tool has the capacity to handle volumes that range from 10,000 into the millions.

Ultra Tool also uses a state-of-the-art press control system (sensor automation) to reduce tool downtime and eliminate defects. We offer full service in-house tool maintenance and our project managers make certain parts are produced efficiently, with an eye to quality. We have the ability to produce prototypes and conduct R&D testing. Aside from quality machines, the keys to delivering quality steel stampings on time and at competitive prices are the tooling and processes that our skilled people use every day.

No project is too large or too small for our quality focused, solution-orientated tool and die design team. We have the capability to make blank, secondary, draw, and progressive dies, and we specialize in designing and building complex progressive dies up to 120″ in length. All of our design recommendations are aimed at reducing costs, generating high quality and increasing repeatability.

Upfront and ongoing communication with our customer’s engineers is an essential component of Ultra Tool’s process to make parts that are easy to manufacture and reduce waste. Backed by lean manufacturing principles our contract tooling is built with an eye towards cost reduction. Our diverse capabilities allow us to further design out costs with sheet metal prototypes and by adding sensor automation to progressive dies.

Our state-of-the art sensor automation technology eliminates the need for costly secondary operations such as welding, tapping, taking measurements, and assembling parts by putting these processes directly in the die. Your technicians work directly with our sensor automation lab to evaluate your part’s specifications for cost saving, in-die integration.

Ultra Tool’s fiber laser cutting technology makes the sheet metal fabrication process accurate, flexible, and cost effective. Unlike standard CO2 metal cutting machines, there is no resonator to build and only one mirror so it requires less maintenance. In addition, laser cutting runs off of less power and doesn’t require laser gases, lowering its operating costs. It costs less to run, allowing us to provide cost-effective prototypes and quote sheet metal forming jobs at lower prices than parts stamped on typical metal cutting machines.

Our precision sheet metal fabrication technology allows us to provide sheet metal forming solutions for prototypes and low volume metalforming parts in a variety of materials and thicknesses, all while maintaining quality and consistency. We can cut all metals – copper, brass, aluminum, steel and stainless – and the laser’s consistent beam quality means repeatable results from prototype to product.

Precision sheet metal fabrication solutions are driven by quality and communication, the key components of our Product Development Success Model. Our laser cutting machine and press brake operators adhere to the same quality management system we use for metalforming projects in our Stamping Department and the ISO quality standards we rigorously apply to everything we do.

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