TK 446/2
3-axis CNC vertical machining center.
The flexibility of the TK 446/2 model makes it particularly suitable both for small manufacturing enterprises that often need to perform several tooling-ups due to frequent production changes and to larger multinational corporations that have to machine large batches.
Thanks to its excellent price/quality ratio, the TK 446/2 model represents a good starting point for those who wish to abandon their old machines with manual commands and to approach to industrial automation systems and to numeric-control machining centers.
The TK 446/2 model stands out for the high useful working lengths (also using aggregate heads) that set the TK 446/2 apart from other machining centers in the equivalent price range. This machining center is designed for drilling and milling processes and also for copy-milling operations on aluminum extruded profiles and other materials, including steel profiles up to 5 mm thick, steel reinforced PVC, and various other plastics or wood.
Standard versions are available in 2 machining lengths: 4000 and 7000 mm. Upon request the machining center can be manufactured in different lengths in order to meet the special needs of each customer.
To create programs that control the machines, Tekna provides user-friendly software tools that can be used both by professional CNC programmers, who can implement the most complex solutions, and by completely inexperienced users; after a few training hours the customer will be able to operate the machining center using a graphical programming. Software solutions offered by Tekna result from an accurate design and from the actual customer needs analysis. The simplicity of usage of these solutions reduces the management time and costs.

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Post time: Jun-16-2017
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