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rolling mill manufacturers, turnkey projects, 460 mm roughing mill, Motor Base Plate, High Speed Flywheel 7.5T, Reduction Gear Box, Pinion Gear Box 460mm 3HI, Gear coupling, Mill Stands 3 Hi Base Plate for Mill, Base frame for Reduction, w. coupling & Spindle, 360MM Intermediate Mill Complex,
re bar rolling mill 200,000t/year, wire rod rolling mill, bar rolling mill, tmt rolling mill, steel rolling mill, Motor Base Plate, Reduction cum 360mm pinion Gear Box, Gear coupling,Mill Stands 360mm 2 Hi, Base frame for stand, Base frame for Reduction, Cross Coupling & Spindle, 320 mm 1st finishing mill complex, Motor Base Plate, Reduction cum 320mm Pinion Gear Box, Gear coupling, Mill Stands 320mm 2Hi shift able, Base frame for stand, Base frame for Reduction, Cross Coupling & Spindle, 260 mm finishing mill
Motor Base Plate, Reduction cum Pinion Gear Box 260mm, Gear coupling, Mill Stands 260mm 2Hi, Base frame for stand, Base frame for reduction, Cordon shaft & Coupling head, TMT System, Quenching box 8mm to 32mm with all fitment, Cooling Bed walking beam type, Flying shear Start-stop type, Pinch roll before & after quenching box, Tail breaking Pinch roll to arrest the bar speed, Twin channel Mechanism 51 Mets. long, Cooling bed (Rack type) proper 52 x 8 Mets. Size, Run out Roller Table, 66 Mets. long, Cold bar shear, Cut to length Mechanism, Bar transfer arrangement and collecting pouches, Mill Accurses, Lubrication oil system, 200 Lpm.Capacity for roughing mill, 200 Lpm. Capacity for Intermediate mill, 300 Lpm. Capacity for Pre-Finishing mill.
300 Lpm. Capacity for Finishing & Cont. mill, Each lubrication oil system consisting of oil tank, oil filter, Gear pump, Heat exchanger and connecting valve and figments.Rolling Mill, Bar Mill H & V Type Rolling Schedule, Lead & Profile Tester, Various Harden And Ground Pinion Shafts & Gears, Alloy Steel Mills Grip Tilter, Alloy Steel Products Reversing Mill Machine, Bar Finishing Line With Slide Type Cooling Bed, Bar Mills Rack Type Cooling Bed, Billet Shearing Machine, Cold Rolling Mill Machine Stand, Continuous Finishing Rolling Mill, Crank Type Flying Sheers, Final Assembly Of Quenching Box, Finish Product Yard Finishing Mill Stand, Finishing Re Bar Rolling Mill Machine, Flat Products, Flat Products Rolling Mills Machine, Flying Sheers, Gear Boxes Assembly Line, Hot Saw Machine, Housing Less Re Bar Rolling Mill Stands, Intermediate Rolling Mill Machine, Medium Structural Rolling Mill Machine, Multiple Passes In Stand, Pinion Gear Box, Pre Stress Rolling Mill Stands, Profile Straightening Machine, Housing Less Mill Stand, Universal Mill Stand, Roll changing robot, robot, Cantilever stands, India biggest rolling mill manufacturer, Rolling mill manufacturer, biggest rolling mill manufacturer , Manufacturer & exporters of hot rolling mill, steel rebar machine hot rolling mill, Rolling mill Accessories, rolling mill automation, wire rod block, wire rod block

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