How To Quickly Flush & Bleed Brakes By Yourself

This video covers how to flush and/or bleed your brakes by yourself in a matter of minutes with a hand vacuum pump. There is no need for a buddy to pump the brakes for you with this method. While I’m working on a 2003 Ford Escort ZX2, this technique works for all hydraulic systems with a bleeder valve. This video is an in-depth guide on how to do this job without the need for power or air tools.

The vacuum pump kit I used is:
Mityvac MV8000 “Automotive Test and Bleeding Kit”

This kit is available at most auto parts stores, and is fairly inexpensive considering how useful and versatile this tool is. The hand pump and accessories are available in different kits as well as individually from various sources.

In the video, I incorrectly stated PSI (pounds per square inch) when I should have said inHg (inches of Mercury).

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