How to Convert New Assembly to DXF and CAM – Tutorial on Autodesk Inventor/CAM/CNC Workflow – Part 9

This is the ninth video in a 10 part series on the CAD/CAM and CNC process using Autodesk Inventor as the design tool, CamBam as the CAM tool for machining operations, and the greenBull CNC machine to fabricate the parts.

In this ninth video, the new assembly is referenced in a drawing file within Autodesk Inventor. There is no need to go to another program like AutoCAD. The projection of the assembly is laid on top of the sheet of the drawing and the drawing is saved as a DXF file for use in the CAM program (CamBam).

Equipment that I use to make videos:
Canon EOS Rebel:
Macro Lens:
3D Mouse to rotate/zoom/move the object (Must have for CAD!!!):
The drafting pencil I use on these videos:
The cheap oscilloscope that I use (because it’s cheap and will work all of the projects in these tutorials):
A better oscilloscope and the one I would recommend:
The brand of multimeter that I use and the one I recommend:

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