Full Cheap (FREE) OEM: Turn Signal “Blinkers” Relay Failure Repair 99 – 04 Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee

A quick guide on how to repair a common problem with a relay switch, which controls the turn signals on a 2002 Jeep Laredo.

This is my first video as far as repair work goes….. I’m not an expert, but I have the tendency to find the source of the problem and fix things.

While I promise I discovered this myself and used my experience in soldering to fix the problem, I do recognize I wasn’t actually the first one. There are such things as forums where people have documented this same process at an even earlier point in time.

By the way, my soldering job isn’t the best here, I had a really old soldering iron and it wasn’t doing well in heating the solder to melting point fast enough.
But it did do me enough to fix it.

Some tools used:
10 mm socket
Phillips Screw driver
flat head screw driver
Solder and soldering iron

I was planning to remake the video for the sake of better narration and steadiness with the camera, but a few others have made videos of this process.

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Post time: Jun-15-2017
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