DIY CNC Fixture in SolidWorks & SprutCAM for the Tormach Part 1

Follow along as we use SolidWorks, SprutCAM, a piece of 6061 aluminum, and the Tormach PCNC 1100 to design and machine a production fixture for the Saunders Machine Works hitch covers!

One of the biggest steps in moving from manual to CNC is getting away from the Vise! Vises are great – so are soft jaws (check out !) but building and using fixtures is where you can maximize the machines capabilities.

We manufacture Gun Target Hitch Covers ( which require one machining operation to engrave the faux cardboard perforation lines. When we were just starting out, we machined this one-at-a-time in a vise. But it’s time to step it up! This fixture will let us quickly drop six in place! We can be off doing other work while these are running!

Hitch Covers:

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Post time: Jun-16-2017
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