Custom Triumph Project – Speed Triple Cafe Racer – ep23 P1 – The sheet metal work – Roma Custom Bike

Creation of a DIY Custom Triumph Speed Triple Cafe Racer project, the sheet metal work.

Custom Cez partners up with Cristian Laoreti from CriArt (creator of Custom Cez’s gas tank paint job in episode:… ) and they attempt in the creation of this new project, a custom Triumph Speed Triple cafe racer special custom.

Since I’ll be documenting the project from beginning to end I’ve decided to divide the process into four main sections:
The 1ST SECTION willdocument the body work, so the creation of the tail out of sheet metal. A good tutorial for making some good speed triple mods.

What did we do:
- disassembly of all the speed triple plastic parts
- removal of the tail’s electrical system
- scheduling of all modifications
- Speed Triple tail shortening , transformation one seater
- cardboard shaping of the tail, muck up
- sheet metal work
- scrinker and stretcher techniques for 3d compound shaping
- bending sheet metal
- welding sheet metal

In SECTION 2 we’ll take care of the design and machining of the new parts for this project, made out of billet aluminum.

SECTION 3 will be all about the electronics needed to power the new parts, including the replacement of the existing instrument cluster.
Part 1:
Pert 2:

and finally, in the 4th and final SECTION we’ll take care of painting, assembly and unavailing of the speed triple cafe racer in front of the bike’s owner… hopefully he’ll like it!
Part 1:

Made in Rome, Italy we take a look at an European approach to modifying and customizing an Harley Davidson with Custom Cez, an amateur customizer in his home shop.
An production, music by FAS.

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