Blade and Vane Cooling Hole EDM Drilling | Makino

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The Makino EDBV3 sinker EDM is designed for high-speed EDM drilling of cooling holes and diffuser shapes in blade and vane components. Its high-pressure flushing and stable spark discharges ensure efficient flushing and outstanding hole quality. By performing processes fully submerged in water, the EDBV3 provides improved stability and up to 10 times faster processing speeds than conventional technologies. Its A/B axis rotary table allows for unattended, single-setup EDMing and complex geometries. For enhanced reliability in automated electrode exchanges, the machine employs a patented electrode set that combines the electrode holder and die guide together into a common assembly.

In this video, the EDBV3 demonstrates its exceptional speed and quality by machining a diffuser hole in a 5mm-thick Inconel 718 workpiece. The process starts with a 1mm deep diffuser shape and finishes with a straight, 4mm deep hole.

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Post time: Jun-15-2017
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