11 Semiconductor Physics

Video Lecture Series from IIT Professors (Not Available in NPTEL)

Introduction to Electronic Circuits by Prof. S.C. Dutta Roy

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1 Introduction to the course and Basic Electrical Quantity
2 RLC Components Energy Consideration Sources and Circuit Laws
3 KCL, KVL & Networks Analysis
4 Network Theorems (Thevenin’s/Norton’s)
5 Source Transformation, Superposition Theorem and Non- Linear One-Ports
6 Signal Wave Forms
7 Periodic Wave Forms & Elements of Amplifiers
8 Operational Amplifiers & Diodes
9 Rectifiers and Power Supplies
10 AC Circuit Analysis
11 Semiconductor Physics
12 Semiconductor Physics (Contd.)
13 More About Diodes including Zener Diodes
14 Bipolar Junction Transistors
15 Transistors Characteristics & Biasing
16 BJT biasing & Introduction to Power Amplifier
17 BJT Power Amplifiers
18 Power Amplifiers
19 Power Amplifiers (contd) and an Introduction to Small Signal Modeling of BJT
20 Small Signal Model & Small Signal Amplifiers
21 Small Signal Amplifiers (Contd.)
22 Small Signal Amplifier (Cont.)
23 Small Signal Amplifiers (Contd.)
24 Negative Feedback
25 Digital Circuits
26 Digital Circuits (Contd.)
27 High Frequency Response of Small Signal Amplifiers
28 High Frequency Response of Small Signal Amplifiers (Contd)
29 Low Frequency Response of Small Signal Amplifiers
30 Problem Session — 5 on Frequency Response of Small Signal Amplifiers
31 Class B, Class AB and Class A Power Amplifiers
32 Class A Power Amplifiers; Efficiency Considerations
33 Problem Session — 7 on Differential and Power Amplifiers
34 Introduction to Feedback Amplifiers
35 Advantages of Negative Feedback Amplifiers
36 Analysis of Feedback Amplifiers
37 Analysis of the Series — Series and Other Feedback Configurations
38 Problem Session — 8 on Feedback Amplifiers
39 Tuned (or Narrowband) Amplifiers
40 Problem Session — 10 on Tuned Amplifiers
41 Op-Amp offsets, Compensations & Slew Rate
42 Op-Amp Compensation, Slew Rate and Some Problems

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